A collection signed Bartolomeo designed for those who love tradition and furnishings from the ancient taste: these are the ports Antique, which is inspired by the classic lines of the artisan tradition of Piedmont, interpreting it through a collection of wooden doors massive, with typical colors of carpentry and chain of furniture. The doors are decorated with antique treatments, which combine classic designs from glass, etched or sandblasted, hand-painted glass or fused, and completed locks and handles in antique style or request capitals and over panel. The Carmella structures and veneered doors and frames of doors antique Bartolomeo to allow long-term stability of the various elements. Each component of the door is painted individually before assembly, to follow the natural movements of a live product which the solid wood.

New collection Bartolomeo the Electra, the top between the doors of high-end, which is a selection of four models, for those who search the exclusivity of a quality product and aesthetically refined.
Made of solid wood, has flannelette thick, technical choice that accentuates the play of light and shadows created between the various components. The diamond cutting of flannelette are marked, expressively important. The flannelette extra thick evokes feelings of stability and strength, while the game of dressing gives an elegant look.


There are four new models of doors, and filled with glass, classic style, in solid oak or softwood in five colors, with pickled finish or open-pore lacquer in all the range of RAL colors and BP. Classic, but always present the doors antique collection Antique hand-painted with traditional swing grooved or lightened with fine finishes made ​​by master craftsmen and artists who work exclusively with the company. The decorations are made ​​of lacquered base with water and coating finishes in gold or silver leaf, painted in pastel shades or Venetian red.