Several people have asked me about a product I used during a transformation of Bye-Bye House! which aims to cover a kitchen counter to give it a second life. So I decided to give all the steps.


This product, called Stone Effect or effect coating of stone, is sold in hardware stores and can make another counter for a minimal investment. Made from epoxy, it offers the possibility of transforming an old desk into a durable surface that will look like a granite counter top. This decorative stone coating is prepared in three steps: priming, stone cladding (available in several colors) and the protective finish to the epoxide which gives a luster to the product. Brush, roller, plastic gloves, trowel, masking tape, sanding block and drop cloth, here’s what you need to complete your project.

The steps to carry out processing

Step 1- Preparation: You must first prepare the surface that is to say, to remove everything on the counter, remove any caulk or silicone, wax, sealer and paint already applied, by sanding the counter with a fine sandpaper. Using a degreaser, including TSP, clean the surface, making sure to remove all sanding dust. You can now apply masking tape to protect surfaces near the counter that you do not want to coat the product. It is also important to protect the floor and cabinets with a drop cloth or plastic wrap.


You are now ready to apply the primer. It contains small granules which allow maximum adhesion of the coating effect of the stone step 2. For application, you can use a brush for small areas and a roller for large areas. The drying time required for primer can vary from 4 to 6 hours, depending on external conditions such as humidity and temperature.

Step 2 – Application of the coating effect of stone: It is this product that will keep your granite counter effect sought with the color you choose. It is premixed and ready to use. Simply stir slightly before making the application.

# Use a trowel with rounded end to the installation and always start with the first vertical surfaces using a spatula.
# Only apply a thin layer about 1/16 of an inch to start. Two coats will be required to have a smooth and uniform. The second layer will be used to fill holes and standardize the product.
# Again, four to six hours of waiting will be needed before applying the second coat. Better to wait a little longer than going to the second layer too quickly and spoil what has been done before.

Step 3 – The clear protective epoxy: The third and final step is crucial to obtain an impeccable finish. It is imperative to have the coating allowed to dry for 24 hours before moving on to the stage finish. Also, a light sanding is required before you go with the protective layer to eliminate bumps or marks left by the trowel. Using a damp cloth, wipe the counter and vacuum to clean the surface.

That’s it, you’re ready for the final stage: the transparent protective epoxy.

After mixing and carefully brewed (you must get a clear and uniform mixture) pour it directly on the counter. Starting again with vertical surfaces, spread the product evenly using a brush. If the product does not extend much, you can use a hair dryer to heat it slightly. Let dry for at least 72 hours. And now, you just rejuvenate your old desk in no time and for a relatively small budget!

A DVD is included with product purchase of counter top that you can follow the steps I have listed here and give you all the details for your successful without problem. It is important to note that this product can also be applied both outside on balconies or around the pool and even on a concrete floor in the basement. The finish (third stage) will however be different depending on where you will use the product. The advisor to the hardware store will inform you about it.