In the interiors of homes, styles of decoration can be quite varied. One who attracts the attention character and history is English.

Nearby properties were built landowners English country houses. And this is precisely where they were born many of the distinctive features of English-style interior .

The English style decor is colorful, yet simple

Someone once said jokingly to a house decorated in English style gives the impression of belonging to a family that just moved there from a larger home. In every corner of the house there is a lot of furniture and decorative elements that absolutely shrink space. The feeling is that there is great need to show everything you have at home, everything is in sight.


The English style is characterized by the cabinets loaded with accessories

In the interiors decorated in this style are features white porcelain decorated in blue, and placed in closets and dressers usually pine and oak. In the rooms is very common the presence of large stacks of work that are painted in vivid colors, around which are placed wooden benches or chairs or end tables lower to create small venues ideal to withstand the harsh British winter.

Features of the kitchen in the English style decor

The kitchens are not very large, so that the walls are painted bright colors, yellow or cream tones to enhance the light of the place and create a feeling of greater spaciousness. Strategically, are distributed throughout the kitchen copper pots hanging from hooks Romans.

The dining room: the center of the house for decoration in english style

The dining room is considered the most important place in the social life of the family. It is the room that marks the range of the family, so greatly in this space is considered mandatory deployment of means in the decoration and furniture that are located there. The walls will always be decorated with wallpaper, and upholstered furniture will be to match the walls.

The English style is born as an exaltation of economic self-sufficiency in a natural way of life. It is for this reason that the decorations of paper, fabric and upholstery tools are inspired by everyday life or in the gardens surrounding the house. The rustic furniture English were not very ornate. They were built by local craftsmen in order to be of long duration, so they were very solid. Were used to create different atmospheres in one location, giving a sense of smaller spaces. So, often stood a cabinet with the dishes as a separator room with the kitchen.

The everyday and traditional English style

All the English style was based on traditional and everyday things. However, sometimes things were added copied from the great mansions or extracted from the plant area. The aforementioned blue and white porcelain showed the typical landscapes of carriages and horses recreating a landscape that is distinguished by its hedges and plowed fields. In short, the English countryside was born a unique style and distinctive than 200 years later still getting popularity among interior designers worldwide.