Each year, it is a pleasure to receive small children dressed to offer them some treats. The outdoor setting is a beautiful invitation to our little ones to encourage them to come knocking on our door.With this simple design and living, your children and neighbors will be happy to come knocking at your door.To get there, you’ll need some pumpkins to decorate empty and family to enjoy together this nice party.

Examples of decorations that you can play at home:

Using a carving knife, you can cut your pumpkin and then decorate it with simple accessories near you. Here I adorned my pumpkin with red radishes and I sat on logs by adding four branches of cedar. After having made a beautiful smile full of teeth, I drilled eyes to the pumpkin and I added a big nose and some autumn leaves on his head. It’s easy to do and very fancy! Here is a rather surprising pumpkin head with a conifer and a smile that will allow you to insert a monitor light to illuminate the evening awaited toddlers.


It is easy to set the tone for your decor, you must be a minimum for this creative and let you go with a little imagination. Do not hesitate to use beautiful fabric ribbons: they add a lot of punch and are always very welcoming on the doorstep to get parents and children. We also got our pots from last season to give them a different stamp and change without incurring much expense. Just add some decorations and lanterns to give them a new look. It is very interesting to give life to our accessories differently by including them in this magical setting. To give life and character to your decor, it is important to consolidate all your accomplishments.

In the evening, the pace will also be very interesting if you light the candles and dim your lights. What a great party and what a joy to see the smile of young and old alike. What is more beautiful than the smile of a child? Of course, it is not to frighten, but to give life to this festival so beautiful in itself! It is a pleasure for me to offer you some ideas, but it is also a pleasure to read your comments and ideas so do not hesitate to let me know.