Playgrounds firmly anchored in the ground dominate your backyard. A swing, a pool, a basketball hoop occupy a prominent place. The furniture is traditional, suburban to some, while a barbecue on the terrace throne. Really, you are in a courtyard called “friendly”. At home, the fun aspect is more important than aesthetics. A playground, you’ve probably tinkered yourself dominates your urban landscape. Children will play for hours. Their shouts and laughter cover ambient noise.

The playfulness

In one corner, there is a swing as firmly anchored in the ground as the Rock of Gibraltar, for security reasons. In the evening when the children are asleep, you do not hesitate to sit down with your partner, to check (again!) And also his strength to return to childhood for a few minutes. Nearby, another playing surface comprising a small scale (safe), tunnels, ropes, slide occupies an important space. Clearly, children have priority. And a chair made of synthetic resin, a single, throne in this environment. What, we must monitor the brats when they play, lest they hurt themselves. A basketball hoop on a pole or the top of the garage door, shows the presence of at least a teenager. In your tiny kingdom, children 0-18 years are prominent. It is not uncommon to see some toys lying around in the back yard or an abandoned bicycle in the driveway. But does it really matter? The automobile will remain in the street all night.


The pool

Practically unavoidable in the summer, the pool throne prominently in your landscape. It is inflatable, in ground or above ground, it is subject to appropriate security measures. A fence, a detection system (among more affluent), will ensure your peace of mind. You dare not imagine that a tragedy could happen to you and you take all necessary measures to avoid it. If the environment sometimes gives the impression of being neglected, the pool, whatever its size, benefits from careful maintenance. Algae are enemies and unwanted chlorine, your ally, in reasonable quantities, of course.

The deck, patio

A garden without friendly patio or terrace is inconceivable. The (la) will be built yours (e) tastefully, in addition to being big enough (e) to accommodate your friends. One of the most traditional furniture made of synthetic resin, with a parasol? usually bought in a supermarket? to occupy the central part while a storage bin will provide additional space for your guests sit there and store some frequently used objects. Home, outdoor furniture fragile really have no place. You bet on the solidity, the objects are easy to replace. Cushions will provide more comfort, but it is not about to offer the same comfort as in your living room by opting for the premium. A clothesline, of good length, will be frequently used for drying towels for children and those of guests.

The barbecue

A good smell of cooking floating in midair. Ah yes, the barbecue will occupy a prominent place on your patio or terrace. Here we are not talking about sophisticated equipment with refrigerator and stove top disproportionate. You own a traditional barbecue, steel, stainless or not, big enough to cook everything when you receive simultaneously. In the inevitable surrender, another gas canister full expected. The owner of a friendly court is never caught off guard!

The lawn

In a friendly garden, the lawn is an important but not priority. Certainly, it is maintained, but here and there a few dandelions appear occasionally. And, in high traffic areas or in games, it is virtually absent. These plates illustrate, however, that your land is inhabited space, accessible and above all used extensively.

The landscaping

As you spend more time with children and friends, your landscaping will not be the most elaborate. No question here of rare or fragile, you have instead chosen perennials and cedar mulch that will ensure a minimum of maintenance. Of course some areas, bins and wood, are reserved to annual. A few shrubs, some trees, in addition to plants. If you own this residence for several years, it is likely that two trees close enough together, are connected by a hammock.

As you are careful, you probably selected some edible flowers to decorate your surroundings, especially if you have young children. Nasturtiums, daylilies, bee balm, marigolds and violets therefore occupy a prominent place in your flower beds. You certainly some roses, whose flowers are also edible. However, you have informed your children to the presence of thorns. In return, the amaryllis, the Russian knapweed, chrysanthemum and Oriental poppy are excluded from the outset. These are all toxic plants that could affect the health of your offspring.

And garden

Another must is the garden that gives you some fresh vegetables, in addition to serving as an educational tool for your offspring. You will usually grow lettuce, peas, beans and some carrots. The boldest have even divided the space into plots, so as to give children the opportunity to grow “their own” vegetables. In summary, the friendly garden reflects many features of your personality. Those who go there immediately receive your love and your children to receive pleasure.