Inflatable castles are known as bounce houses as well and these are structures which are inflated with air. The air that is filled in an inflatable castle adds a rigidity to the structure. At the same time the surface is soft on which people or children can bounce on. It is a common attraction at most carnivals, flea markets, birthday parties and other places where these are popular with children for hours of entertainment.

How an inflatable castle looks like?

Usually an inflatable castle consists of a floor, four sides as well as there might be a closed top or an open one. The users of the castle, especially children might injure themselves when they are bouncing on these structures. For that reason there is a net that is placed around the structure. This acts as a barrier which is placed on the openings of the walls or at the entrance of the castle. The safety nets are usually effective when several children are jumping on an inflatable castle at the same time like bounce houses for sale.


Material of inflatable castles

Those who are looking to use bouncy houses need to know the material that these entertainment pieces are made of. For instance, they usually comprise of poly vinyl chloride or heavy duty nylon. The inflatable castles are usually kept filled with air with the help of an electric fan or a fan that is powered by gasoline. With these fans the inflatable castles are kept inflated while being used.

Additional features

The inflatable castles come in varying designs as well. The castles come in variety of colors as well as can have several floors added. The castle designs usually include four walls which have safety nets around them. Some of these castles come with wet or dry slides as well as have companion playsets or obstacle courses. With the different designs available, one can choose the right castle design for their use, either for commercial or for private use.

Finding reliable brands

There are several manufacturers who create bounce houses and they lease them or sell them. These companies can bring forth these structures and erect them at the location of the client’s choice. People who are looking to erect these structures in their homes can ask these companies and rent them accordingly. Companies that have amusement parks or provide party services usually invest in inflatable castles and similar structures. The inflatable structures that are designed for home use are smaller and more portable. It is necessary to find a reliable manufacturer of the bouncy houses in order to ensure that the material remains durable for long. Here is a reliable company to refer to when you are looking for bouncy houses for sale. There are several models on sale or for rent. More details about the different models available and the rates applicable can be known by checking the link The website can be visited to find out necessary details about the products.