Tips for those who know nothing of harvest and seeds and want to grow organic foods in the courtyard of the house itself.

Not knowing how it is the first garden is not a problem for those wishing to produce foods organic at home. It only takes one piece of land, sun, repaired and access to irrigation, a small shovel and seeds, which are available in most nurseries. The important thing is to water the garden regularly (daily in summer) and planting those vegetables that really consumed. There is no point cultivating dislikes. Instead, opt for lettuce, spinach or arugula, for example, if you enjoy what is a good salad. Furthermore, there vegetables not require more care. The chicory , for example, is ideal for a first garden because you can grow and eat throughout the year without complications.


Step by step

Choose the place: Analyze the backyard garden and choose a sector receives about seven hours of daily sunshine. Also protection from wind and access to irrigation. For a family of four or five members, ten meters square enough.
Prepare the soil: For a first garden, the first thing to do is turn the soil a few days before planting with a hand shovel or rake and hose or watering can to moisten. No flooding or create puddles. Then in a later stage, you can use compost or other organic fertilizers. Remove weeds and stones.
Mark the rows: The width of the beds of the first garden should not exceed one meter.
Sow: For the first garden, it is best to plant leafy vegetables, those that are eaten raw in salads. Should study the schedules and programs of each country. Radicchio and arugula are easy to cultivate examples that can be grown and harvested throughout the year. At a later stage and some species can do seedlings, or seeds more delicate seedlings should be transplanted then.
Water and maintain: The most important care is watering. Also need to remove weeds and prevent pests. How? Including the planting herbs such as parsley or rosemary: discourage disease and highly complementary to the first garden.

A pleasure without stress and family

Besides the satisfaction of producing vegetables in the home, the first garden brings psychological benefits. Prepare and maintain it are activities that remove stress and can do as a family after work outdoors. Moreover, the kids know the origin of what is in their mouths, the value of caring for the earth, is a beautiful and vital learning that parents can give their children. Healthy foods are easy to obtain and psychological benefits and family, what more can you ask the first garden?