Unlike vacuum cleaners and some carpet cleaners, steam cleaners do not use suction to achieve great cleaning results. Instead they use a combination of heat and hot water to clean a variety of hard surfaces and upholstery. Steam cleaners have an internal boiler that heats water and releases the pressurised steam through a nozzle. The floor is then coated in a light mist, which usually dries relatively quickly, leaving surfaces cleaner for longer.

Ditch the harsh chemicals

Vax steam cleaners offer an effective, eco-friendly alternative to chemical cleaning. They can be used on most surfaces to eradicate a variety of dirt and dust. They provide an effective and intensive cleaning solution for those who are suffering from allergies. The steam which is produced is often hot enough to kill germs, bacteria, dust mites and mould, eliminating harmful allergens for longer.

steam cleaners


Some cleaners are specifically suitable for flooring and use mop heads. They may feature swivel and double-hinged heads for ease of movement around obstacles. Some other models however are better suited to breaking down the grease and grime that builds up in bathrooms and kitchens.

Of course, there are always the all-singing, all-dancing dynamos that come with everything you need for cleaning all around your home. Those that can undertake upholstery, grapple with the grime of pet beds and get to grips with greasy ovens.

Size does matter

Cleaners with larger canisters can be used continuously for around an hour and are better suited to spacious floors. More portable models often need replenishing every ten minutes or so and are designed for use on smaller surfaces such as mirrors or wall tiles.

You will find that tanks are designed to be quite simple to refill. Some can be removed and replenished, while others have handy funnels for ease of filling, enabling the user to quickly continue with the cleaning task at hand.

It’s easy to keep your cleaner clean

Cleaning pads on most steam cleaners tend to be constructed from microfibre cloth. The pads can be detached and reattached with relative ease and many can be machine-washed. Replacement pads are also available from manufacturers, should the grime be particularly difficult to deal with. Many models are also fitted with lime scale filters and can last for the lifetime of the cleaner.

Simple storage solutions

You don’t need to lean your steam cleaner against another appliance – instead simply lock it in the upright position to keep it tidy in the home. Cord clips keep the cable tidy and accessories can be attached to the cleaner or kept in a separate container. This means it can be hidden away with a minimum of fuss.