The indoor garden is the trendy decoration and accessible to all.

Having a small garden, it’s nice. But when you live in an apartment, it seems impossible. The solution: create a small garden in her living room. Wait! I suspect you already have a few potted plants, but I’m talking about a real small indoor garden. Aromatic plants, plant table, plant furniture, hanging flowers, etc. Nature becomes a decorative design.

Planters and pots

From mid-May, pull boxes and other containers on your balcony and patio. The frosts are indeed small. On a shelf in your kitchen, put some herbs in pots. It is convenient to season your dishes and pots decorated with pretty covers, they become a decorative element.

Plant wall

Grow a garden, yes but waste space, no question! So, dress your walls of plants. Herbs, decorative, etc. Many opportunities available to you. Your home, whatever the season, feels so good the sun. Only tips, remember to choose according to their need for water and light. Realize, with your little mimines, a green wall. To do this, first choose some beautiful small flower pots fitted with a handle. Then, using a drill to make holes in the wall. Stock them with hooks or nails to secure your green wall and you’re played.Si you do not have a green thumb, there are modular panels of Flowall (invented and patented by Wattelez). They allow you to create your vertical garden while giving free rein to your imagination.


Table plant

To concoct a table vegetable, it’s like painting. We start by bring a canvas. Here, we use a flower box. Cardboard, ceramic, wood or metal, this media is bought with one or more micro-plants. To please the greatest number, the flower box is also available in several colors and different shapes. Once chosen, there is more than hanging.

The furniture plant

The designer and architect Patrick Nadeau has partnered with the brand, Vertilignes, to design furniture combines all vegetable plants and artificial materials. Imagine, an armchair, a table, a chandelier, etc. Set with plants. The nature and beautifies our everyday objects to our delight.

Flowers suspended

Your plants defy the laws of gravity. Indeed, it is possible to suspend them. Petunia, hearts chains, Aeschynanthus “Scooby Doo”, etc. certain varieties of plants particularly appreciate the height. So why not make them happy. To do this, simply place them in suitable pots. Small tip: place first a creeper, a dense center and voila! More than hang. The designer, Patrick Morris, offers a creative, which does not lack originality: the Antipodes overturned flower pot. Yes, yes, you understand: reverse! The natural permeability of the ceramic allowed him to fix a water tank above the pot. Rest assured, this device prevents leaks. Our plant can bloom in full freedom, the upside.

Good to know

Level of moisture, warmth and brightness of the room are three essential criteria for selecting the plants. Moreover, a good potting soil and fertilizer to enable its floral decorations to be, day after day, sublime.