Technology continues to make innovations, so that today it is possible to use the fast thermos for windows and doors of the houses.

What thermos glass?

The flask is a glass type glass used in the construction field. This type of glass is composed of two glass plates, placed one against the other. However, between these two elements, there is a layer of air. The whole is hermetically sealed and is located in the frame of the door or window. The principle of thermos glass is based on the property of the dry greatly reduces or even completely eliminates the problem of condensation of air layer. In fact, it acts as a barrier against the cold and heat simultaneously. Therefore, the glass inside is not subjected to temperature variations.

The advantages with the glass thermos

The thermos glass has many advantages compared to ordinary glass. First, a glass thermos has the property of being impervious to moisture. It is also waterproof so that this structure does not let the dust. On the one hand, glass thermos helps to fight against the cold of winter. Thus, it is very advantageous in terms of energy saving. Indeed, it is a good thermal insulator when used in double glazing. But thermos glass is also a good acoustic insulation. With such a window, the outside noise does not get inside the house.


Why a thermos glass?

For doors and windows, glass thermos proves a good solution. This because of its many advantages, but also by the fact that this type of glass to use a period long enough. Indeed, it is functional for fifteen years. It is resistant to weathering and oxidation in contrast to the single pane becomes vulnerable to over time. On the other hand, thanks to its structure with the dry air layer, the glass does not keep fogging. It causes irreversible damage to the glass so that it loses its properties. It leads to micro cracks in the single window, reducing the seal, since there is a formation of thermal bridges.

Different types of glass thermos

At present, there is a fairly wide range of glass thermos on the market. Among them is the thermos glass to clear glass. But there is also the qualified triple glass, the low-emissivity glass and finally with the intermediate film. However, as different models, these windows have some difference in ownership. This is based primarily on the level of sealing. On the other hand, be aware that the low-emissivity glass and those with intermediate film have ecological virtues. In fact, they reduce energy consumption significantly.

Maintenance thermos glass

Like all windows, a thermos glass requires some maintenance. However, it is noted that it is very easy to maintain. To do this, simply use soap and a soft cloth, in order to avoid the risk of scratches that may interfere with the functioning of this type of glass. Therefore, abrasive surfaces should be avoided, but the newspaper can be used. On the other hand all glass cleaners, both chemical and natural fit very well with the thermos glass, such as white vinegar and rubbing alcohol. However, if the vapors at the double glazing, it is necessary to call a professional.