The advantages chic gray

Sobriety: Gray provides a peaceful, timeless. It’s a relaxed tone that invites meditation and accommodates both projects sober as environments where the important thing is to give value to the furniture and accessories decorative.
Balancing: Being neutral tones and colors stand out. Reaffirms the warm colors and accentuates the cold. No need to abuse it, one or two pieces of wall are sufficient to double their strength gray color. Chic : The Baroque style is obligatory and silver tones, the trend this season. Your lunar ice symbols brings a touch of refinement and elegance. Share on small details, especially in accessories (lamps, cushions, mirrors.) If you’re not a fan of the flash, go for the kill.

How to combine colors?

With almost everyone. Neutral colors like beige or taupe. Gray combines with most colors, sublimates and is located in the center of the dial color.
Cocooning : If you combine it with pastel colors get a romantic atmosphere. If you want a peaceful and flirt, play with the pink suit.
Smart : With a dark blue will achieve a subtle and refined.
Trendy : Black and gray is the best combination in if you want simplicity and naturalness. The natural thing always works, but if you want something more lively try a olive green.
Environment friendly : If you want something warmer, wenge is most appropriate. complement cream and taupe tones.


Bright colors : One of the most beautiful effects are created by the red because gray makes the first exploded. And purple is very spiritual environment. However there is one exception: not associate the muted dark gray with a result if you do not look somber and heavy.

How to use stay?

Gray is guaranteed a relaxed and conducive to rest. It is therefore very appropriate for a room, for example. It is light in color shades lighter and performs very well in the dining room, which will add a refined style and certainly contemporary. Its wide range of hues harmonize with most of the rooms. Symbol of knowledge, brings positive vibes in the office when paired with touches of color. Feng Shui philosophy advocated in rooms that are works of art. But beware, do not fall into the abuse. Too much gray can transport you to a universe off and melancholic.