Feel like a house lively? Try the green! Anise, pine, mint water or fluorine. The color you rarely think bring something fresh and natural. Everything is permitted, subject to compliance with some style tips. Demonstration.

A color “natural”

There is a multitude of shades of green: olive, anise, emerald, sage, bottle. The green color is directly related to nature and all its shades, numerous and varied, reflecting the elements and everyday: plants, marine world, fruits or vegetables! This color is, therefore, “naturally” a symbol of growth, life and harmony. That is why the green color is considered positive, inspiring peace and coexistence.

The green colored summer

To give a touch of summer freshness and ensure that your room has a holiday spirit, nothing better than mixing various shades of green. Gentle and light, the green can easily daring variations! Opt for a painting “green anise” in the walls of the kitchen and you favor your creativity and bring a unique effect of stay cleaning. For the garden, replacing your traditional flower pots green pots.
Caution: before painting the green room, remember the long nights of winter. This color, particularly summer tire you as soon as the sun has gone.


The green color “retro”

While major green tones suggest the vitality , freshness and nature, also you can create a nostalgic atmosphere and “retro” opting for pastel green, bottle green and olive green. These tones are especially popular for rooms that need painting gently, like bathrooms or bedrooms.

Green for my office

Have you seen those offices with a look totally “green” growing like hotcakes in the companies that want to be dynamic and relaxed? This is because green is considered a color that soothes and stimulates, giving the whole an ecological spirit. To create a dynamic stay, opt for the green anise, green “lime” or even the electric green, if you’re not afraid to effect “futuristic”.

The dark green

While we find all the qualities to light colors and bright, dark green does not pull many votes. Is a strong color and rather bleak to be handled with caution at a meager or little light inside. Green pine is particularly appreciated for their elegance and originality in a room or a bedroom, allowing you to create a chic atmosphere, necessarily have to mix with lightweight materials and bright colors to not suffocate the space: white, light gray , silver bottle. Tip: Remember to multiply the mirrors in a room dark green, will enlarge the space by encouraging the play of light. Take care particularly the lighting: lighting equip screened for intimate evenings, but also from strong light sources to avoid making a sad room.

The green and vegetation

Should be avoided if the “total look”, with the green you have no fear! To accentuate the effect of “natural” as sought in the big cities, uses and abuses of plants, vegetation, branches expressive Remember also the flowery prints stickers.

The green and other colors

Mix the green with dark green, green with mint green anise water to get a sense of natural freshness, everything is permitted! But, how green colors combine to stick better? Pink, red, purple, orange, yellow, blue. To achieve an effect “cool” serve all these bright colors:’s up to you to find a balance. With cream or gray, green becomes chic and sober, while white brings to stay as the bathroom or the living room a really smooth and relaxing effect.