Popular for over a generation, the hardwood flooring is found in every house, almost. However, her pose is not necessarily accessible to all handymen. Moreover, the range of products on the market sometimes causes headaches. In the first of a series of two columns, we will discuss this universe both large and complex.

Choosing your hardwood floor

If you want to go to the retailer of building materials today and install your floor tomorrow, forget about your project. It will take days or even weeks to make your choice. You certainly do not feel like asking a floor that will be outdated in the near future or who do not harmonize with the style of your room or your residence. Moreover, the wide choice deserves careful consideration.


Budget: width and type of wood

First, determine the available budget. You will know if you need to ask a prefinished floor or subfloor, you’ll be varnished by a professional. Obviously, it will cost a few dollars more for the latter option.Having made your choice of prefinished flooring, for example, you should choose the width of the planks, the wood species, color and type of finish.

Again, it depends on your house. Put boards 3 ¼ inches or seven inches next to an existing floor whose boards have 2 ½ width is not necessarily a good idea. You must also remember that wood is a living material. It is therefore possible that warping or retracts. If your boards are wider, the risk will be higher. Think about it! Then, choose gasoline. Again, you will deal with the existing floors, if any. You will find on the market, products manufactured mainly made of cherry, oak or maple. If your budget is unlimited, birds eye maple leave your visitors speechless.

Once the board width and gasoline have been selected, you are in color. The lighting in your home center is certainly not the same as that of your little nest. This brown that looks so beautiful in the store may have a grayish tint in the room to renovate. Ask your advisor to some samples and take them home. The color that you seemed so attractive could be a nightmare once in your home. Take your time. Surely you do not want to return to work within two or three years.

Hardwood Floors: preparations


Once selected your floor, measure the thickness of the plates and those of contiguous floors. Remember that you will likely add a plywood or sheets of pressed wood chips ( Aspenite ) (about 1/2 inch or more) on the original floor in order to have a solid floor, all the same and same height as the adjacent rooms. Otherwise, you will need to finish the joint with a plank cut for this purpose.

Empty the room

# After this stage, empty the room in which to mount the hardwood floor, taking care to remove the baseboards and the existing flooring, if necessary.
# Tightly screw on the initial floor joists and cut the frames of door to the necessary height. This will save you some headaches.

The materials

# Make a list of materials, including baseboards, moldings, plywood or Aspenite and of course, chose the floor.
# Buy the whole.
# Take it or have it delivered at home.
# Once at home, store materials for 72 hours so they acclimate to your home.
# Open floor boxes and paint the baseboards.