Sometimes you need to replace an entire board. The method is essentially the same for a prefinished floor for a floor varnish.

# Drill a hole in the damaged board.
# Using a chisel, cut gradually. It will take time.
# After this stage, grab a cutter and a small block of wood that you will support.
# Tighten your grip with each nail and press it on your wood block. It will serve as a lever.
# Carefully lift.

Once the damaged area and the nails removed, cut a new board of the same length (make sure you have available). Remove the tongue and groove male and the lower part of the female tongue and groove. For a prefinished floor, where you made the cut, take a block of wood and sandpaper to reproduce the groove made in the factory and then varnish it with a sponge brush. If your floor has been painted on site, it would be best to wait to sand and paint your entire floor to repair your small damage. However, if you can not do otherwise, use a belt sander so that your board has the same thickness as your floor (remember, your existing floor has been sanded).


# Removing the board in the same way after taking care to cut the veneer with a utility knife.
# Install the new board using the same method as for prefinished flooring.
# Put some construction glue on the surface, zigzag, then place your board, the female side first.

Some good dictionaries, or weigh heavy enough, will hold everything in place. Some use a jack and a wooden bar. But they make sure in advance not to damage the ceiling and floor. Leave it in place at least twelve hours. Well, that’s it. After several days of work, you can now give a receipt for your family admire your work. In good expert you are, now, explain all the steps for installing and repairing your floor. They will be surprised by your professionalism.