Plumbing is defined as a technique apartment construction field. It is a specialty in engineering education in buildings that addresses mechanical problems applied to buildings. The plumber in Montreal is responsible for the installation of necessary equipment to circulate the fluid in a house or building. These devices are mainly pipes, tubes, valves, faucets, valves for gas distribution networks and water, pumps and valves. The term plumbing comes from the use of lead items for the manufacture of tools used in plumbing. In addition to domestic installation, plumbing has undergone considerable changes and is now used in many areas such as agriculture where it is used for irrigation camps or for watering plants. It has been used to create crops in arid areas during dry seasons in the absence of rain.


Irrigated fields can be done using pumps to send water elevation and overcome the effect of gravity. It became possible for farming even in arid areas upstream in the mountains with sophisticated irrigation systems. Irrigated fields can be done with manual systems with poles balances on which are fixed containers for irrigation. The irrigation of the fields is a very old technique and has been improved with the techniques of plumbing. Plumbing is also used for the installation of sewer systems in cities. Using plumbing dates back several hundred years and even found copper pipes in ancient Egyptian temples.

The use of plumbing tools is also known for centuries in the Roman temples and Roman cities. These networks were also used in these temples for the distribution of water. However, in these temples, the distribution of water was based solely on gravity. Regarding the distribution of water in these cities, it was based on the principle of communicating vessels still used for water distribution. However, the use of lead for the manufacture of pipes used for the distribution of drinking water is increasingly abandoned because of toxic effects of trace amounts of lead found in the water. Indeed, lead is a highly toxic heavy metal that can cause diseases like cancer. The danger of lead is even higher than it accumulates in fatty tissue that is to say, the fat reserves in the body and can remain there for long periods.

Different types of materials are used by the plumber in Montreal. The materials that are used today in the manufacture of pipe plumbing can be stainless steel, clay, bamboo, copper, brass, glass, thermoplastic for drinking water systems, the plastic pipe such as polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and polypropylene. One can also use cement or asbestos cement aqueduct. Plumbing for rainwater can be of reinforced concrete. The choice of the type of materials depends on the contractor. This choice is based on the types of work to be done such as the installation of sewers wastewater or drinking water. The plumber in Montreal is also known as the plumber. The plumber in Montreal is responsible for the implementation and repair of plumbing. One of the commonly used tools is the torch that works with acetylene. In some areas, it is called thermal installer and health because it is responsible for the installation of pipes used for heating homes and evacuate the waste water.