Although books and magazines are increasingly being replaced by digital formats that do not require spaces to be sorted, the library remains a very popular piece of furniture and able to donate now sober, now vibrancy to the living area. often made ​​of materials fully recyclable, the latest models of libraries are characterized by wide margins of customization, unusual shapes, finishes and colorful improvisations style of pure design. We propose someone there, of different prices and styles that you can choose to decorate or renew the environment of your home: which one you like the most?

Design of Stefano Cavalryman for Lib , this modular bookcase, modular, self-supporting, with simple lines and basic. LIB is available in two widths (141 and 188 cm), with the possibility of overlapping five modules up to a maximum of 213 cm. The base, with glides under the base and uprights are made ​​of wood or folding with a polished finish, while the shelves and back are made ​​of glass (clear, smoke gray or black). His being two-faced, Lib makes it particularly also shown to be positioned in the center of the room. Price: 2550 euro version black lacquered wood / glass floors.


Library exhibitor in polypropylene foam, Opus Incertitude can be used as a common library, such as modular partition, or to become an exhibitor for any type of object. Colorful, fresh and modern style, consisting of 100% recyclable, Opus Incertitude, design Sean Yoo , you can dial in height and length as desired, simply by combining together several blocks. Ben 4 shades available: gold, black, white and gray. Price: 300 .

The library Bookworm is perhaps the most famous piece of catalog . Drawn by Ron Arad and made ​​of PVC colored flexible, Bookworm may take the form chosen without thereby losing its resistance and functionality, thanks to bookend supports that are positioned along its surface. Unlimited shapes that you can get dictated by personal creativity. Available in three different lengths, Bookworm combines flexibility and strength, allowing for a load of about 10 kg for each support. Price: from 248 €