This week, Chantal gives advice to Stephanie for the development of his basement. “We have to move my office in the basement since we are expecting our second child. But I have no idea! In fact, I need a work surface for my scrap booking (not necessarily continuous), space for a desktop and a laptop, a lot of storage for my papers and a library especially since we read Both pretty and have lots of CDs and DVDs. ”


Your room needs love as they say! Why not make a well thought? We should develop this office by integrating the custom storage along the back wall to create space for all your personal belongings.I suggest you remove the paneling in the lower walls and paint the whole uniformly. Also, since there is an electrical panel, it should be integrated in the future storage to conceal it. It will be quieter and away from children. Here is the result of a project that I made recently for a desk that seems to be very close to your measurements. The central work plan is more enjoyable and easily loose a piece of this magnitude. The final visual is much more balanced. Here are the technical.


The plan

The plan and pieces of furniture along the wall must always be made according to the space to fill. These measures can be taken by the cabinet-maker, which does not prevent you from making a sketch beforehand to think about your needs as each person is different. Ideally, you have to think of enclosed storage for a sleeker look. The documents are neatly arranged more discreet.


For me it is very important to limit the number of objects on the desktop to better focus on our task. Keep most of your office and when you have a scrap booking project to realize you just have to exit your accessories. plan containers a tray to insert your stickers or colored paper. You will need to structure the drawer and have a well-maintained equipment, no extra! We train sometimes several pencils or scissors that no longer work or more pots of glue. Make a cleaning every three months to keep your equipment in an inventory of your items.

For your documents, you can make your job easier by classifying all the files in different colors to distinguish between your hardware and your personal scrap booking products. I would suggest doing a custom storage wall with built-in furniture that you can find in supermarkets with law standard 36 inches wide, which would allow you to complete the 12-foot wall. An example of a firm bottom that you can find at Ikea. Just see a specialist on site who will answer your questions and take time to assess your needs and help you order the right products.


I would add a nice wallpaper fun on the left wall only. This sets the tone for the room and make a nod to your hobby! Available at my desk or in specialty shops. Here is a picture that represents it in another color to give you a glimpse at actual size.