Cooking outside, what happiness! The outdoor kitchen is THE trend of the summer and the barbecue area has evolved. He ended the days when, as a dining area outside, it was limited to a simple barbecue. Now we try to recreate an entire kitchen with good quality facilities. Nothing is more pleasant than outdoor cooking, and this in an organized and attractive. The summer kitchen is open ideal for outdoor dining and enjoy your yard with family, friends or head to head. Here are some tips to develop a friendly and convenient kitchen. This space for cooking can be installed near the house or a little later in the garden. Ideally, one should have a large enough area to prepare meals and receive guests comfortably.

We evaluate our needs

First, we evaluate our needs: do you receive every weekend for picnic ending in the early morning or just occasionally? Or, it does not get much, but we like to eat every day outside? These questions must be asked, because the space will not necessarily be arranged in the same way.


You do a lot of people?

I propose first to get a very large table for at least eight. When we receive often, we want to avoid having to add each time another table and additional chairs. Everything is there and stays there. Close to the long table, we set our summer kitchen. It can be sophisticated with a large desk for work surfaces. The grill can be integrated at the counter, while concealing the propane tank underneath. For added comfort, you can arrange to install electricity to integrate a mini fridge, plug in a coffee machine or a sound system, for example. A water source will also be greatly appreciated to rinse hands, wash or even gardening. In the kitchen area, one can integrate bar stools to make them look “lounge”, which is very trendy. Ideally, all that space could be covered in order to stay there despite the rain. What is interesting with an outdoor dining area is that the guests are with us even during the preparation of meals.

You get on occasion, but often eat out with family?

Perhaps a little less sophisticated, but not necessarily less convenient, a kitchen could be fitted with a feeder timber which is not, at first, designed for outside, but if we apply a tinted varnish for waterproofing and that the stores inside for the winter, why not? This furniture makes you a practical work plan with two storage drawers for your BBQ utensils. Also, if everything is covered, no need to go without.

Equipment essential to the summer kitchen and barbecue are the worktop and storage space for utensils to have on hand. Have you ever imagined integrate a pizza oven and a sink? Why not!? Remember that no matter the style of development, the possibilities are great. There is no limit and outdoor kitchen deserves the same comfort as your home, that is to say, it has to be a friendly room in which to live.