Is it out of nostalgia (the time of photo murals 70s), to give the illusion of being somewhere else or you love the daring photo murals? Whatever your aspirations, decorative wall pictures you will brighten your look and brighten your big walls. Here are some good reasons to use the pictures on the walls in your homes.

Highlight an architectural feature

Whether dressing for the wall of a home whose height is impressive, animate a stairwell or dress a large beam, using a large image will certainly stunning effect. “And if you want to get an idea of ​​the result before you order, we can do an installation with an image editing software, from a photograph provided by the customer,” says Patrick Pepin Numerart, thereby see the results before ordering!

Conceal or obscure an

Have you ever thought of turning your kitchen cabinets a work of art? They are dull, and you want to hide them? Why not hide behind an image? If you want to use wallpaper to cover your kitchen cabinets, the insertion technique is different and requires some installation precautions. This is why it is always advisable to contact the manufacturer of the product before installing it, or better yet, give them the care of installing.


Give depth to a narrow room

Selecting the right image can give an effect in a confined space. A picture with a perspective can trick the eye and give a sense of grandeur, which is quite appropriate in many situations! Pierre Cousineau, Muralunique home, knows the wallpaper from the 60s. He told me to have participated in a study made in the 90s, commissioned by the company Decorlux. The study found that 9 out of 10 respondents who had to remove wallpaper claimed to have found the process so difficult and laborious that they had promised never again to reinstall. It was enough to it to try to remedy this situation! Today, his murals are so easy to remove some people will even succeed in adding the new adhesive, to reposition them.

Available at many retailers in Quebec, Muralunique products are sold worldwide. Very affordable, prices vary depending on the size chosen. For example, a wall 12 feet wide by 8 feet high retails $ 289. A wall designed to dress up a piece of corridor three feet wide by 8 feet high is detailed for its $ 137. What more?! They are easy to install and available in several formats. Half of the image selection offered consists of original paintings designed by artists, then scanned to provide an exceptional quality of resolution, then be pre-pasted.