The winter months are, for some, more difficult to cross than others. The lack of light, cold weather and snowfalls are all factors that can affect the morale of those who fear the cold season. It is in this spirit that I propose to bring joy into your home by surrounding yourself with objects and furniture that will make you smile. Many designers offer home-like objects very original and full of humor. Here are a few that stood out at the 13th exhibition of interior design in Toronto (January 2011).

Objects TOMA

accessories table fun, flexible plastic vases for flowers, place mats psychedelics, etc. All these objects are labeled “Made in Montreal” and follow the green philosophy of using only recycled or recyclable materials.

TRASH candy

This company specializes in the design of urban furniture and objects made ​​mainly of concrete. Each piece, entirely designed and made ​​in Montreal, is a unique, handmade. Emphasis on collaborations with local artists and artisans, such as between other graffiti artists, TRASH candy happens to give rise to very original creations, with personality. The adjective “unique”, “vibrant” and “fun” are an integral part of their philosophy. The company seeks to raise awareness of the talent in Montreal.


The furniture

Side furniture, Alain Belanger, of the Furniture Loft, did well with his wooden creations. These are practical furniture that are distinguished by their originality and creativity. Interior designer training likes to surprise people and destabilize, in order to generate a functional reflection on art, poetry, fun and balance forms. Each piece of furniture, with a first name, is made ​​to order and can be personalized.

The cheerful chic

Designer New York, Jonathan Adler is a design event that makes us smile. Potter by training, his sculptures of animals elegant Art Deco style are sold in boutiques in Miami, Chicago, San Francisco and New York. Closer to home, his designs are found exclusively in Quebec at the store LUDOVIK Montreal. In his ceramic creations are added housewares, accessories, textiles, furniture, lighting and stationery. Happy chic makes its mark accessible and playful design, Jonathan Adler and promises to free us from our fear of decorating by offering us his last two books, Accessorizing and Colors (Sterling, 2010). His previous book, My Prescription for Anti-depressive living , a guide to make his home happy, has certainly inspired many to brighten their home!