With the inspiration of spring, I will present the latest developments in the textile and why not a parallel between fashion and decor? Indeed, these two sectors are closely linked. Here is an inspiring guide to let you in fashion! At the last show of apparel fabrics from Paris, Catherine Basquin, trends Nelly Rodi office, has demonstrated the Spring-Summer 2012 trends in fabrics. Four major themes were presented to illustrate the trends of the time.

Theme One: Helium

Like a breath of fresh air, we refer here to a lot of light. The fabrics are vaporous: lace, veils, chiffon, tissue blistered.

Second theme: Migration

Multi-ethnic, characterized by a mix between Africa and Asia, wanted to witness a new frontier, a new geography. The materials are of high quality woven, colorful prints, matted flax, woven from raffia, while being very modern and often shiny, with the wet look.


Third theme: Heritage

This echoes the spirit of tradition, family house, linen grandmother and antique fabrics. Damasks, lace, printed engravings, etc. It refers to the past.

Theme Four: Super nature

Illustrated primarily by nature very colorful, dazzling, even extravagant, this theme is intended to represent extraordinary jungle, bright colors and shades bumper tart. Prints are giants and nature is completely transformed. In short, a trend bringing a lot of energy this spring summer 2012 season. As for trends in upholstery 2012, the Heimtextil trade fair held annually in Frankfurt, Germany is the event not to be missed to learn about the latest textiles of all kinds: towels, bed, table, curtains and soft furnishings, blinds and wallpaper. Consider the specifications of Carlin International trends, expert to decipher trends.

The main trend in upholstery is sustainability. We are thinking here of ecological materials, processed by methods environmentally friendly and fair to workers. Natural fibers are in the spotlight: cotton, linen, hemp and jute. Other themes mentioned refer to the wild, the sobriety, the eccentricity. These are just other terms to describe essentially the same trends toward fashion dress. With that, I hope you enjoy your spring decor!