Do you feel like a different house, colorful and, why not, witty? With wallpapers funny, sophisticated and unpredictable wall stickers (practical adhesive wall), you can revolutionize and radically change the home, and, with them, the environments where we live. Enough to want to play following one of the most popular trends in terms of interior decoration. The choice is really wide, as wallpapers and stickers seem to excite much creativity and irony of Italian and international designers, who have the imagination, as well as quality, their tagline. Ready to personalize your home?

A wall of butterflies

If you love nature and colors, the Creative Sticker suits you best. Each pack contains fourteen mixed adhesive sticker, depicting butterflies and flowers : give romantic atmosphere but at the same time give a fun twist to the wall on which they are placed. If you do not just as a solution to renovate the house, why not dare with a ceiling all decorated with butterflies? Very nice is also the idea to place the sticker playing with a vase, as if the butterflies they rose in flight from the real flowers. Only the imagination and the (good) taste can say what is good and what not! price: about 24? euro.


Boards? Yes, but sticker

The evolution of the classic whiteboard where you pinning your shopping list. E ‘a chalkboard-sticker A3, the French brand: The subjects available are 18, the bear the turtle, the koala to the penguin. The classics? The ones shaped like a butterfly and squirrel. adhesive base makes it easy to apply on any surface. In addition, with these stickers also reserve a thought to the environment, as it should be: the magnetic boards are environmentally friendly , made ​​from plant material, as are most of the green products. Price: 18 euro each.

A wall crochet

Wall & Deco has a catalog of wallpaper really varied: the models can satisfy all needs and all tastes. The collections are three, Life, Big Brand Wallpaper. Brand New Life in the collection is the fantasy Aunt Mary, who looks like a colorful collection of pot holders, those who were grandmothers crochet. Very lively and taste imaginatively back, goes well with a minimalist decor and monochrome. Optionally you can opt for something less effective, as flowers of different colors and types, branches, written or geometric patterns in shades of delicate. Price on request.

Wall decorated with figures

Always Wall & Deco in the collection Wallpaper offers other types of subjects: skulls, interwoven leaves, portraits of women. Among them, a sure impact is the model One of my turns , wallpaper is available in three colors (purple, gray and light brown) with background guillotine pattern and a feminine face emerging from the decoration by a set of colors and shades. Certainly it is a choice of character, but it’s ideal to impress with a surprise effect that each guest should see the result, perhaps on a wall at the entrance of the apartment. It ‘s really a wallpaper that’ fills’ an environment. Price on request.