For some, the color red is a bold, for others the color of seduction , hot and exciting. Attracts, repels, but never indifferent! If you want to decorate your home with this color passion, here are some tips.

A symbolic color

red symbolic force is linked to its main reference elements: fire and blood. As extraordinary as the room’s erotic, revolutionary as real, this color is difficult to classify, and ambivalence placed in a position of honor among designers that like to use this symbol to delight complex. Also, red can be both a tone of autumn and summer, according to the hue you want to highlight.

A traditional color

Red is a color found in the ancient decorative elements. The medieval tapestries and oriental carpets contain many shades of red, while the Roman city found, Pompeii, revealed inner walls of red ocher that was very fashionable in the nineteenth century decorations. While inside the houses American Northeast is very common in Spain on the walls red is reserved for the most daring and innovative.


The powers of the red

Stimulant: our body reacts to certain impulses of light waves as their wavelength and level of vibration. Red is the color with the longer wavelength and is recognized certain virtues. stimulants: decreased appetite, or pacing improved blood circulation, strengthening the body and always increasing red blood cells.
Luminous: choosing a red will give a bright room because, like any warm color, absorbs red light. Choosing a rich tone, a vermilion or a garnet, for example, the brightness of the space will be sublime.
Warm and sensual: choose red in decorating is to choose the passion! It is a warm color that will create a warm, even sensuous, which will increase or not depending on the choice of light sources.

What room?

The stimulant effects of red predestine it rather to the rooms where there is movement, as a lobby, lounge, kitchen or bathroom. The solution can also reside in a room painted in various colors.
Choosing the red for immediate effect you’ll get a good living: this will give a strong character to your home and install naturally a festive atmosphere and friendly.

What colors?

Combined with white, red stands out and becomes sublime. In a room with white walls, choosing a sofa, a table or red fixtures is excellent. Combined with wood, red accentuates the effect relaxed and soft, and brings a touch of nobility, when mixed with antique furniture. Some fans like the gray design combined with a dark gray, taupe or black. In fact, this union is sublime, but needs a big boost of natural or artificial light: not suitable for a room with small windows, as well as an attic.


Red is a color that quickly dominate others. Its power can erase or make other fainter objects. Stay alert to the arrangement of your furniture and if you decide to paint a room red, starting only a portion of the wall: this could be enough to reinvigorate a room, for example, without burdening the inhabitants. You can make combinations of red, but even in this case, we must be attentive to the final result, and accordingly choose the furniture.