A red kitchen is modern today. You can buy a new kitchen in red or transform your old kitchen with red accessories and red paint.

If you look around in the furniture stores, a kitchen trend is clear: the red kitchen. A kitchen in red not only looks chic and elegant, it also works particularly cozy. Warm colors make sure that we can relax, also stimulates the color red to the appetite. Thus reds are actually ideal for the kitchen. So it does not look too gaudy, you should combine a red kitchen with muted colors such as gray or even brown. Wood elements fit very well with a high gloss kitchen in the color red Not everyone has the opportunity to buy the same with a new kitchen. That does not matter, because the trend for living you can achieve in other ways. You need not to convert your kitchen, a few pretty accessories and a beautiful wall design is enough.

The kitchen emphasize simply red

You may remove your kitchen very easily rot. But that does not mean that you paint the kitchen cabinet, but simply make the colored walls. Swipe one or two walls in your kitchen into a warm, pleasant shade of red. Make sure when choosing the color sure that the red is not too gaudy effect. For a bright red is not reassuring, but makes aggressive. It is also recommended to delete only certain colored walls and not the whole kitchen. All the walls are painted red, you feel especially in small kitchens harassed something quickly.


For the rest of the kitchen, choose a color that matches the shade of red. This may be a light gray or beige or ocher. But even here there should be more of a neutral tone. When choosing the color, you should pay attention to the suitability for the kitchen. When boiling water creates steam, the color should be suitable for wet locations. Latex paint is particularly convenient as it is even washable. An alternative to painting the kitchen wall decals in shades of red or a big red image.

Kitchen Accessories in Red

Red kitchen accessories are now very popular. Almost every manufacturer offers coffee maker, toaster and food processor as a colored version. With a few cheap accessories such as new kitchen towels, pot holders, chair cushions and beautiful red flower pots can also put colorful accents in the kitchen.

A new kitchen in Red Buy

Of course you can also choose the same for a new kitchen in an elegant shade of red. Especially good is the selection on the internet, here you will find exhibits and display kitchens particularly favorable. Look first at furniture stores branded kitchens and then compare the prices of different online stores. If you order a kitchen that they have previously viewed, the risk is low that the kitchen you do not like later. You also have the online purchase of furniture is always a 14-day return policy. In general, the dealer undertakes even take the furniture back. On the return possibilities but you should learn before buying.