I’ve always loved the false stone. I remember long offered this product, then it was only available in California and unaffordable prices (because of transportation). Even if this process began 50 years ago in California when a man named “Mel” made its first prototype, it’s only a decade that the false stone is made here. “In Quebec, we can say that we are well overdue, we have long preferred the ordinary brick and aggregate, while in Western Canada, 70% of houses are made of lightweight concrete (rhinestones), says Julie Piche Pragga Company, importer of decorative stones and rhinestones.

A product in demand

Today, more and more consumers demanding this product. In addition, architects and designers to propose projects for their clients. Some products on the market are so authentic-looking than one might guess that the stones are fake. Purists are confused. Compared to conventional brick and natural stone, false stone is lightweight, relatively easy to install and is much more affordable price.


Several Quebec companies offer a range of superb models of stones that are composed of lightweight concrete with or without foam. When installing, the Styrofoam provides a lightweight and offers great opportunities when support can not accommodate extra weight. It is then possible to ask the false stone directly on the drywall, with a ceramic glue. As for the stone without styrofoam, it can weigh up to 14 pounds per square foot: it is then necessary to reinforce the wall with a wire mesh before bonding with a polymer mortar. The concrete is molded into shapes and the color is applied thereafter. At Pragga, false stones are imported. Why not sell a local product? “Because the processes of Quebec manufacturers are not developed and that the final product is sometimes disappointing,” according to Ms. Piche. “My boss visited Manufacturers Tunisia and Turkey to select high quality products.”

What distinguishes high quality rhinestones other?

Some manufacturers mix of quartz in the concrete to give it shine and color to the concrete is mixed on the concrete surface and not only because this technique gives a look “painted” that may seem wrong. can cover a wall inside, outside or a false chimney stones. They are suitable for any type of housing. Average price of $ 7 to $ 13 a square foot, decorative stone is four times cheaper than the traditional stone masonry, but the price is however comparable with decorative carved stones which were the subject of my previous column .

Little advice before you start

When it comes time to choose its own model of stone, do not rely on a simple picture. Go instead to visit the showrooms to see the real samples. Make sure your stone looks the same as the model chosen.