It is important that the roof of the house has good thermal and acoustic insulation, sealing being already provided by the outer cover. This insulation offers several advantages, the most important are energy saving by avoiding heat loss, and lessening the noises due to rain and hail. The technique is not very difficult to implement, but it requires the supervision of a professional.

The roof consists of the frame which supports framing and cover that seals water from the roof. The frame is mostly made of wood for individual homes, concrete for structures stronger as apartment buildings and large buildings, and metal for shopping centers, industrial buildings, etc. should be noted that the roof insulation is either between the frame and cover, and in this case it is called external or between the ceiling and roof structure when it is internal. The latter is used when one wants to isolate an existing roof without renewal, and when you do not fill a volume of recoverable or convertible.


The technical implementation of the insulation boards

The insulation should be laid on the rafters or battens. This insulation will take the form of plates with polyurethane inserts, and these will be fixed using nails or screws that come with the kit. Do not forget to stick a tape between two adjacent plates and file a polyurethane foam on the ridge to avoid a thermal bridge. On the outer plates, that is to say against the battens, nailed will turn the battens. Regarding the roofing contractors fort worth tx tile canal, there are insulation panels for this type of coverage, with the surface of the outer facing of waves consistent with pantiles. These will then be sealed directly to the exterior siding insulation panels with mortar bastard, or bonded with a polyurethane sealant. Note that the insulation panels are special tiles and designed to fit into each other.