Here’s a great project for you and your family. Moving to a new home and all your family’s living space has. What happiness! As the room is big enough, you can easily afford furniture and decor well stocked!


Here is an example of furniture that you could get to the store for the child sleeps well as the scenery changes with the child. This is a very modern furniture that combines two tones and more easily endure for all time. The headboard also gives a beautiful style. Furniture for children, you will have a beautiful look, chic and elegant and not too feminine.

Dressing the bed and window

For dressing the bed, my choice stops on a model very much alive, but while being sober. This model allows you to add a touch of pink and red. In terms of window covering, let me suggest a simple white curtain, which we will add a nice bright color on the walls and ceilings.



For a decorative accent, add a pink plush ottoman, very soft and perfect to give a little life.

Molding and wallpaper

For the general concept of the piece, I suggest you add some nice moldings HDF from 36 inches off the ground with a wallpaper on the inside as on the map as follows: So as seen in this diagram, you will create two horizontal chair rails 2 inches high, at a distance of 27 inches between the two horizontal moldings in the first beginning at 36 inches off the ground. Then add a vertical molding every 12 inches to create a beautiful visual directly on the wallpaper. See the result in a nursery: For choosing your wallpaper, For staining of the whole piece, here is a plan to help you understand.This is the result of a research work that will look great in this beautiful room for your little girl. Let your creativity and dare to add your personal touch to make your child feel good.