Rule n.1: Define your desires: before diving into this type of decoration you must determine how you want to reach. Think good about it, because there is no middle ground: if, for example, decide to give a striking touch to the walls must necessarily get rid of your sofa or comfortable design style empire. The result should be consistent, manicured worked.

Regulation n.2: Stay with the base units . Eastern decor is unique in requiring no large furniture. A dresser and a good carpet fluffy that go well with this style. Instead of a sofa, choose a comfortable bench, forget about the seats and distributes large soft cushions on the floor. You get to create a warm and full of energy.

Rule n.3: Feel the colors: Regarding wall tones, you have to choose: If you want a Moroccan atmosphere choose warm colors purple, orange and green brushstrokes add it or turquoise. If you prefer something closer to Tunisia, opt for blue-white contrast, great references to the sea and the sky. Whichever you choose, played with nuance and match it avoids all can be only one dominant color, but you decide where, in the walls, curtains or sidewalk.


Rule n.4: Change the way soils: To choose the flooring cement tiles matt or a concrete floor stained rustic. And, remember, no wax. Below are the carpets. Fear not sobreponerlas or combine colors and motifs. Finally, the set of oriental decoration is concentrated at ground level so he distributed the vases, lamps and cushions. Only one keyword: pro-fusion!

Rule n.5: Work environment. The aim is, in particular, provide a warm atmosphere. To achieve this, focus on indirect lighting candles and multiply, spotlights and sconces. If you persist in keeping your lights, you can, but provided cover them with screens for subdued light. Yes, you heard right, avoid at all costs raw and cold lights.

Regulation n. 6: Opt for the metal. Preferably choose mesh objects, copper, zinc and nickel, round or rounded, large metal trays, silver or copper hammer worked.

Regulation n. 7: Add a touch of authenticity. Here are the details that make the difference: A tray with a jar of orange blossom essence or any other fragrance that emit a delicate scent and silky. A vase with water sprinkled jasmine flowers.