The French have a passion for gardening, especially for the vegetable garden. It is in this context that the method has returned to square fashion.

In recent years, the French have returned to cultivate their garden to produce their own vegetables. This passion was born from the desire to eat better and most importantly, healthier. However, caring for a vegetable garden can quickly become very time-consuming and energy. So for that gardening is a pleasure, not a chore, several methods have returned to the center stage lately.

Among them, gardening square is more and more followers. Its principle is directly inspired by the gardens of the Middle Ages that the monks grew in the course of the castles, and which are to grow vegetables in small raised beds for crops. We must return to power of this method to the American Mel Bartholomew who adapted this method of gardening, for individuals, in his book Square Foot Gardenning in 1981. He thus established a highly standardized method based on a culture of boards, each subdivided into square.


The plant bed

The board culture is the basic element of the method. It means a garden plot, elevated a minimum of 15-20 cm, whose dimensions are strict: 1.20 m side. These dimensions are not random, since they correspond to the maximum dimension in order to garden comfortably within the plot without having to enter (the amount was calculated by counting an arm length of 60 cm) .

Elevate this board has many advantages:

# You bring a new growing medium that you can balance at your convenience (soil, compost). In addition, you can also remove all stones and other debris which may impede root growth.
# If you suffer from back problems, no “please raise your boards from 1.20 to 1.50 m. Thus, no need to bend down to garden!
# You do not trample over the plot, the land is more compacted and therefore more water infiltrates and the roots do are all the better.
# You can easily put your board level (remember to bring your spirit level during the construction!) Avoiding run-off water out of the plot.

The growing bed

The growing bed designates him, each of the subdivisions of the board. In the original method, Mel Bartholomew called for a board to divide culture into 16 squares of 30 cm square. However, it is more common (because often more practical) divided into 9 squares of 40 cm square. Thus, each of the squares formed host a different culture of the squares neighbors. And this is one of the main interests of the method as a square of 1.20 m side you can grow 9 (or 16) different vegetables.

The association boards

The relative smallness of the boards does not obviously cultures in industrial quantities. Also, if your needs are substantial, you may consider to increase the boards. Again, this aspect was considered and it is advisable to keep the aisles of 80 cm between the boards. These are minimum dimensions to give you the ease of use (from a wheelbarrow, watering cans with traffic).