When you think of a rug, you may not think about cowhide. This does make sense. It isn’t popular to use cowhide for your rug at home, but there are a lot of reasons why you should. Cow skin is stunning and makes a beautiful addition to any home in many ways.


One reason you want to use a cowhide rug is that they’re versatile. Something about the natural colors in this material make it perfect for any area of your home.

Most rugs have a pattern that might look okay, but sometimes, the patterns are so loud they need to be in a certain area to work. You don’t have to worry about this if you choose cowhide.

The Feeling

The texture is important in home decor, but this is overlooked at times. If you want to touch your decor and feel something special, then cow skin is the way to go. When you sink your toes and fingers into this texture, you’ll feel something soft and luxurious.

The natural softness of the cowhide is undeniable, which makes synthetic materials not so appealing. You might fall in love with the texture and may want to put cowhide over your sofas and in other areas of your home.


People may purchase rugs that don’t feel plush and luxurious because luxurious materials are usually quite delicate. You’re going to be stepping on this rug daily. It makes sense that you’re worried about the life of the rug.

The good thing about a cowhide rug is it’s long lasting. Sure, it may feel like it’s quite delicate, but that’s just how it feels. The material can resist a lot of damage, and that makes it a good investment because it means you can probably pass it on.


Home decor is either timeless or trendy. If it’s trendy, you’ll feel good having the thing everyone wants. The problem is that once the trend dies off your home decor choices start to look dated.

You don’t want to feel like your stuff is dated, and you won’t have to deal with this if you invest in cowhide. This material has a timeless feel that never gets old. It can make your home feel more modern, or it could give your home a vintage feel. You can use it in whatever way you want because of this quality.


The feel, look, and uniqueness of a cowhide rug is impressive. Part of the reason you’re dedicating so much time to your home decor is that you want to impress visitors, and with cowhide, you’ll be able to accomplish this goal.

People will be drawn to the rug; they’ll touch it and will be impressed with your decor choice. This decor piece can be a conversation starter, and that’s something many homeowners might not be able to say.

Hopefully, you can see why cowhide is the right choice. Give yourself some time to choose the piece that speaks to you when you finally decide to start looking for your cowhide. Visit City Cows for more details.