Very often you inherit furnishings outdated (old sofas Louis Philippe style, Biedermeier chairs , etc) do not fully carpeted, and do not know what fabrics , what colors to use to be able to cover the object. This guide will explain to you through the next steps, how to choose the upholstery for a sofa (or similar) old. First you have to have a basic knowledge and have a rough idea of the style and fashions of the time which was part of the leather sofa. Simply inquire by antique dealers, restorers, but a lot of information can also be found on the Internet. If you are lucky, you can find under the lining of furniture ancient residues of the original fabric.

The first thing to know is that each style has its respective fabric . There are sofas style 700, Rococo and Baroque styles that need to be covered with velvety fabrics, yarns and weaves tapestry damask, as regards the period of Louis XVI , you can opt for textures pasta with the addition of flowers, for the nineteenth-century, it is advisable to use themes with floral arrangements, typically in velvet sofas for “country style”, choose themes squared. Finally, for the rustic sofas, you are opting more for the colors burgundy and dark green.


You can also opt for a neutral theme The neutral can be: white, beige, pearl gray, ivory. It is almost always on the safe side and hardly is wrong because even after decades goes out of fashion is important to capture the correct contrast between the color and the rest of the environment furnished final option, recommended and proposed by many architects and interior designers , is to cover the sofa with motifs that depict geometric shapes: a effect truly original, especially for a modern home.

In short, for any fabric / color chosen, it is essential that it is impeccable from the point of view of quality. Consigliatissime are the famous “fabrics for furniture,” because being composed of very heavy fabrics, are able to withstand severe tensions, and also have a life span is about twenty years.

TIPS AND TRICKS: Is there a way to determine and understand if the fabric chosen is good: is to limit drastically the fabric in the fist of the hand: if there is little crumpled then it is good. Before you decide, it is important to know that streaks and stains on white fabrics and solid colors are much more obvious, so it is essential that the couch is removable in order to make possible the washing operations.