Violet has long considered difficult to combine color and little decoration recommended. However, this color today is part of those who are more than fashion . This subtle mix between blue and red is part of a palette of colors creating very original and current environments.


is the paradoxical union between two opposite personalities colors, red and blue, which suggests mystery, wealth but also melancholy and sensuality as either master. It is also known to help restore inner harmony and the study is considered soothing colors while promoting appropriate sexuality and female creativity. It is complex and rich in color, excellent for health psychology. Violet over time This color has been for many years associated with mysticism in the Western symbolism. In fact, in the Catholic religion is the color of the habit of bishop and priest in Advent and Lent.

It was also the color of nobility and elicited no interest until the 1970 arrival, during which he had to live the revolution of the appearance of the furniture in plexiglass. The luminous alternative to black is a color that can play the sobriety of black very suitable for dining rooms or bedrooms, while providing much more light. With the dark tones (electrical, plum) can play to choose between chic and bright. Current designers constantly use this color because it is very fashionable: “The violet has the distinction of making the simplest objects seem to luxury , “says Vincent Gregoire, hunter trends.


Violet classroom dress is widely used for this stay, makes elegant, contemporary and dense creating a design and sobriety. Others use it to paint the walls and add black or gray furniture without the result is sad, also benefit from another of its virtues: a larger area. And is that purple, like blue and red to make it up, absorbs light and makes smaller spaces acquire depth. Violet’s office has recently been defined as one of the most relaxing colors and has become in a favorite for the studios and office, as it offers both relaxation and environment for creativity.

Can you put wherever you want? aSuele think that this color will not be as good in the kitchen or bathroom as in the classroom. However there are many people today who choose a softer violet (or more electric, though less frequently) for the bathrooms, the hallway or kitchen. The most important thing is knowing how to create and maintain a harmony between different hues and rooms of the home. Colette Brun, decorator, confesses: “One time I dared to design for a client a red kitchen with appliances and utensils violets. Came a very original model have again asked me many times. ” What environments can be created with the purple? chiaroscuro Because of its richness and variety of hues, violet combined with many colors. However to Watch because everything depends on the environment that we seek:

* Interior futuristic electric violet choose and add white or black lacquered furniture, if possible, and get a complete environment for the working girl living. If you want more originality, adding a touch of bright orange, the fifth element type.
* Interior sexy and baroque plays with materials. The plum, eggplant, purple or purplish gray combined with black lace and quilted fabrics, much more sensual. It is ideal for adult bedrooms, favoring the theatricality of foreplay.
* Interior romantic lilac, mauve Aged wooden furniture like a cottage, white or beige cotton with green accents. Freshness guaranteed!
* Interior seventies: the plum shade is best to go back to the 1970s in the company of colors like orange, yellow or green. Carpet, shag carpet, furniture round all are welcome.
* Interior comfortable and intimate: Choose purple, dark purple, plum or eggplant and combine with the silver elements. You will stay in fashion, like a bar lounge of Old any cosmopolitan city.