Ask, configure, protect. These three words sum up what the wireless intercom can bring to your comfort and your safety every day. Because yes, this unit reserved for very closed business sectors such as medical offices, or even private homes. But now, with models available to all, the intercom becomes a real security solution for the general public. So now an essential product.

Specifically, the wireless intercom is a miracle of ergonomics and ease. When you get your security solution, you do not have much to do to make it work. You set the roadside near your front or your portal door, then you place your receiver, audio and video in your home, you set up according to instructions and that’s all. No more than a few minutes to start your device. All this is good, but it does not answer the question: What product for my needs? We have a reference that, in our view, is the mainstream product of choice for all your needs for safety and comfort of all. This is Ematronic brand dedicated to furnishing your home, which offers the wireless intercom EM4R called the most advanced society.


EM4R its screen to a size of 4 inches. A small device, ultra compact and transportable anywhere in your home. The LCD screen is connected radio to the roadside. It is also used at night with a full infrared mode. The screen still is a great combination of technology and ergonomics. It is first of all possible to connect to 4 cameras, if you want to provide access to your home all the points. It runs on lithium battery and recharge your regular outlet (but still usable while charging). Also, interesting functionality, EM4R can take up to 1000 pictures and keep, to keep a snapshot of who visits in the absence of your hand you.

Finally, the wireless intercom EM4R a price that makes all this technology accessible to the greatest number. Only 149 € for a high quality model instead of € 319.00 usually, 53% discount for you to equip yourself without breaking the bank. It is the choice Label Home, Home and Garden Specialist.