There are different types of floor tiles those are using all over the world. For a perfect home decor, all homeowner use floor tiles. If you would like to buy floor tiles you must consider some factors. Today we will focus on things to consider before selecting different types of floor tiles.

Marble Floor Tiles

The marble floor tiles create a classical look that is appropriate for all environments. The large variety of marble floor tiles that are available in the market today has brought about a revolution in the interior designing of a house. They change the complete look of the interiors. Be it a home or an office or even a shopping mall, the marble floor tiles are designed in various ways to suit the needs of everyone.

Marble floor tiles and wall tiles may seem to be the same to the eyes, but the main difference is that the floor tiles are much thicker and more textured to ensure safety. After all it is the flooring which must be strong and safe for walking and even running.

Before laying the marble tiles on the floor, take care to center the tiles in the room. That creates the best visual appearance. Always keep this in mind when decorating the floor with marble tiles. Flooring contractors like Affordable Marble Restoration in Fort Lauderdale Florida are the ideal people who can help you in making a wise choice for setting up the flooring of your place.

different types of floor tiles


The structure of marble is so distinctive and crystalline that it allows it to be polished to bring a glossy finish. The innumerable variety in colors added with good strength make these marble floor tiles ideal for use as a covering for floors. They are available in antique, honed and tumbled finishes. A professional marble restoration company in Boca Raton can provide excellent service instead of replacing the stone with a new stone.

Kinds of Marble Floor Tiles available

Crema Marfil Polished, With a very little veining, it is a high grade quality marble.

  • Crema Marfil Honed, This is a beautiful classic marble that comes from Spain. The background shade has good uniformity and the light veins are hardly perceptible.
  • Techno Classic Negro Marquina Polished, These tiles are only 1cm thick with natural stone of 7mm and porcelain reinforcement of 3mm.
  • Arabascato Corchia Polished, These are the famous Italian marble. They are very beautiful and are well-known throughout the world as a classic item. The background is white with dark colored veins that run randomly through.
  • Moron Emperador, This is a polished brown tile that has slight cream colored veins running through which creates great depth of color.
  • Snow White Thassos, This quality marble comes from Greece. It is the whitest marble that one has ever seen.

Granite Floor Tiles

Granite floor tiles add elegance to the home and office that blends with every kind of decor. The granite floor tiles are excellent materials invented as a flooring material. They are a product of nature, extremely durable and are resistant to stones also.

This stone has a coarse grain which gets its attractive crystalline appearance by the quartz and mica present in the rock. The color variations in the stone, like the other types of stone, are brought about by including different minerals in its composition.


Granite is exceptionally a tough material and does not wear away easily. Spilled alcohol, acids of food and cleaning substances cannot cause any harm to this tough stone which is resistant to such substances.

Granite floor tiles are considered as a symbol of wealth for its great strength, durability and the unmatched scheme of colors that each tile has. It is the best flooring tile that a person can use.

Variety of Granite Floor Tiles

In this modern world of show and beauty, a great variety is being introduced to bring about changes in the way of decorating the floor. This complete renovation is being done by these exclusive natural stones the Granite. There are a number of variable granite floor tiles to choose from. Some of them are ;

  • Granite Blue Pearl- It is a marvelous tile adored all over the world.
  • Nero Absoluto- This granite tile is very simple in style and yet has great depth and so it is liked unanimously.
  • Tan Brown Granite Floor Tiles- This tile has a straight cut with a leveled edge. It is ideal as a flooring material as it is very hard and durable.
  • Sapphire Blue- This category of granite is the most beautiful and rare type available. It has an unbelievable depth of color and has a unique polished finish.
  • Imperial White- This classic tile has a white colored background which is very consistent.
  • Kashmir Gold- The golden colored granite of India has a classy look of its own.
  • Kashmir White- The clear whiteness of this Indian Granite floor tile is a wonderful design that overwhelms every fashion lover.

Metal Ceiling Tiles

Metal ceiling tiles can give your room a very different and unique look. The fine metallic finish provides extra luster to the room. They are very different from the ones you will generally find. They are, or rather have become a very modern approach.

Coated Steel Sheets

These coated steel sheets can be used very effectively in the industrial world recently. These beautifully color coated steel sheets with coated wall panels provide an amazing combination of durability and formability. These steel sheets have also proved to quite economical. They are one of the best forms of metal ceiling tiles. Another very good quality of these tiles is that they are corrosion resistant. They are used in a wide range construction purposes especially for roofing and walling.

Aluminum Ceilings

These are used especially in the construction of ceilings of educational institutions, hotels and various other places. Depending upon what you need, these can be customized accordingly. We often get to hear that aluminum ceiling tiles are not good for your health but they can be made in such special ways so that they do not cause any harm to you. For use in various places, these tiles are specially treated to reduce those harmful substances that they contain.

Metal Clip-In Ceiling Tiles

These are mainly used in shopping malls, in big offices, kitchens, super markets and high rise buildings. They are made up of aluminum alloys that can be easily perforated according to the needs of the customer. You can buy these in various thicknesses depending upon your needs. The manufacturers of theses metal ceiling tiles specially modify these tiles in order to suit your needs.

Installation of Metal Ceiling Tiles

First you must select theses tiles depending upon what price range you have selected. Don’t forget to measure the ceiling. Accordingly get the tiles in their respective sizes. Divide the ceiling into four parts according to your convenience. Then fit in the tiles with a nail gun. Any gaps can be filled with filler metal tiles.

Hence these metal tiles can be used very well in different construction purposes. You can also use them in residential constructional purposes, to give certain parts of that special formal look. S0o why don’t you go ahead and give it a try!

Plastic Ceiling Tiles

In today’s world, when everyone is moving towards giving their surroundings a very modern approach, then why will you stay back? Plastic ceiling tiles will give you that little extra bit which you were looking for!

The plastic ceiling tiles are available in a variety of different looks and to suite your budget as well. These tiles are resistant to fire. Some of them even have metallic finishes that give them the embo0ssed metallic finishing. They are molded differently in order to suit your needs. These plastic ceiling tiles are also available in solid colors and also can give a stony look. They are generally inexpensive, so you do not need to worry about the cost initially!


Plastic ceiling tiles are available in a large variety! You can get them in flat plain forms, Spanish rose, French floral patterns. You can also find them in different animal skin designs, such as, elephant, alligator, ostrich, etc. These are generally three dimensional.

Different Colors

Now, if there is a particular color that you want then you can definitely go ahead! Some really attractive colors could be gold, antique copper and silver. You can also paint them yourself or even custom order them depending upon your needs. They are available in various modern designs and also with intricate modern detailing to suite your tastes.


Plastic ceiling tiles are made up of different kinds of plastic including polystyrene. These are also fire resistant. These tiles are also corrosion resistant. As far as their costs are concerned, these tiles are half the cost of metal tiles. So you can afford them even more easily!

Various Applications

It is not necessary that theses tiles will only be used for ceilings. They can also be used for backsplashes, especially in bathrooms and behind sinks in kitchens. They can also be used as head boards for beds and also to surround beds and doors!

So you see that these plastic ceiling tiles can be used very innovatively to suit your needs. Like I have said before, you can use them differently. In today’s modern world, why will you stay behind from giving your surrounding that extra look!

Glass Wall Tiles

Different Types of Glass Wall Tiles

Glass wall tiles are a common feature in most homes today. We use them in various parts of our house, mainly in the kitchen and bathroom. Glass tiles are available in various different textures, patterns, finishes, styles and colors! You know what is the best part about glass wall tiles? They reflect light and thus can give your entire kitchen and bathroom a very bright, sparkling and airy look.

The Most Basic Type

The most basic type of glass wall tile is very smooth and clear. The colorless and clear texture helps these tiles to fit into any kind of kitchen or bathroom to give it a very elegant look! There is one little disadvantage of using these glass wall tiles. The adhesive backing will also show. So you must choose some attractive tile backing.

Etched With Laser Glass Cutter

If you buy bubbled, etched or frosted glass wall tiles, then the problem of adhesive backing can be avoided to quite an extent. Now, bubbled glass wall tiles generally feature bubbles within each clear square. On the other hand, the frosted ones give an icy look. The etched glass wall tiles have a very decorative white design over the clear glass. This etching is generally created with the help of laser glass cutter, acid solution or sandblasting.

The Subway Glass Tile

The slumped glass wall tiles are generally rounded rather than square or flat in most cases. This is done by melting the glass into different moulds. Now this subway glass wall tile is this special kind of tile that is a version of ceramic subway tile. These rectangular tiles are mostly very large in size. They have been used in the New York underground transportation system. They can be used in bathrooms as well, in the shower area as well as in the lower bathroom walls.

Mosaic Glass Wall Tiles

These are generally small squares. These are generally sold in the form of sheets. There are also very clear meshing that holds each tile onto the mesh. They are generally very clear and are available in a number of shades and colors to fit into different parts of your house.

So these were some exclusive glass wall tiles for you. You can use them in different parts of your house as it would automatically add a lot of beauty to your house!

Terracotta Floor Tiles

Terracotta Floor Tiles are purely a gift of Nature to the human race. Developed by humans using the three elements of nature namely, water, clay and fire it is a classic designer floor tiles. It is also known as Antique Pam Mets and it is an environment friendly product.

Making process

The terracotta floor tiles are absolutely a hand-made product, Kiln dried in which the traditional method of manufacturing terracotta floor tiles have been used to give it the authentic look. These tiles can be used both internally and externally.


You get them in many different sizes and the colors can be varied according to the choices of the individuals. They are made to order. The inherent characteristic of the tiles is its variation in color shades and a natural attraction as compared to other floor tiles.

The beautiful mellow shades add to the warmth and character of any theme, age or time. Whatever the mood is, there is a special style of terracotta floor tile that compliments it. The designs are such, rather the material is such that it can be molded to any period of time, and be it ancient, medieval or the modern society.

There is yet another variety of tiles. They are the unglazed hand-made terracotta tiles. These are made from Hand-formed clay and we can get them in a varied range of shapes and sizes.

A strange thing about these tiles is that they can be easily cut with Diamond blade tile saws. This method of cutting with especial tools makes them perfect for installation by any person.

These terracotta floor tiles are porous in nature. So it is necessary that they should be sealed by specific sealants used for protecting them. These are applied by brush or rollers. It is not an easy task. A skilled person can only do it.

For even a better finish, the traditional method of sealing with a boiled linseed oil product can be used. Waxing gives it an added protection.

Limestone Floor Tiles

Limestone floor tiles could be a great option for you if you are interested in adding a rustic as well as a sophisticated feel and look to your home interior. Considered more for their reliability compared to other flooring materials, they are ageless. People have used the tiles for their home flooring for a long time.

Limestone is basically sedimentary rocks that are made of calcite and very fragile compared to other rocks. You need to know something about them before you buy to do your flooring. You can choose limestone floor tiles from a wide array of colors, shapes and sizes available in the market made by different manufacturers.

You cannot expect other floor tiles to offer you beauty for so long as these are everlasting. Elegant and unique designs also set them apart from other types of flooring.

They are not popular choices for home flooring these days but are increasingly being used in offices as well. It is sturdy and limestone is used in either crushed or concrete form. In some places coast to coast in the US and Europe, limestone is a preferred material for constructing monuments, but nowadays many home owners use them for flooring. They are usually found under water and they contain shells as well as dead creatures as part of their structure.

Add Great Ambience to Home Interior

Sediments also attach to the limestone and they are turned into layers of cement later on. In raw form, they are used on surfacing and pavements. But when they are used for flooring, they automatically lend a universal ambience when used in homes and commercial establishments.

You can choose from a wide variety of colors, shapes and textures. It is strong as well as endurable and durable.

Among the major reasons for its popularity with home owners is the low maintenance costs and it has become a major determinant these days after the recessionary blowback. People want good stuff that looks stylish and trendy, is durable as well as affordable and all these are combined in limestone floor tiles.

Bathroom Wall Tiles

Decorating bathroom wall tiles has become an art in modern lifestyle. Our home is the best place where we can do all our innovative work. Since among all other rooms in a home, the bathroom occupies a very important position, great attention is given to make it the best room of the house. The walls and the floor need the maximum care to get the optimum utility of the bathroom.

The wall tiles of a bathroom if correctly designed brings a new look to any building or apartment. They play an important role in home decor.

Utility of tiles, Tiles are used in the bathroom walls as they have a number of advantages like :

  • Long term life.
  • Maintenance free service
  • Easy to clean
  • Adds style to modern life
  • Makes the use of bathroom a wonderful experience especially for children

The tile manufacturers are offering such attractive designs, colors, shapes and qualities that it becomes very difficult to select from the innumerable variety.

Since the wall tiles are the covers of a wall the choice must be perfect to cater to all the aspects of a decent design. The different kinds of bathroom wall tiles are Glazed and unglazed. The materials available are Glass, marble, natural stone, brick, slate, mirror, terracotta, clay and vinyl. The designs may be plain, printed or painted. Colors are numerous like grey, blue, black, green, red, orange, candy and white.

Besides these there are designer tiles that are so elegant that you cannot move your eyes from them. The Blue Sodalite bathroom stone tiles create a magical atmosphere. Pastel Fish glass tiles embellish the beauty of any shape or size of bathroom. Fresh Rose glass tiles with the printed design of roses about to bloom jubilates everyone at the very first sight.

We also get the designer glass tiles in exclusive designs and innovative decor. Tiles are being used in bathroom walls extensively because of their many advantages. They not only bring new life to an old room, they are cost effective and each one is designed so precisely that there is no room for any flaw. Hence the use of Bathroom Wall Tiles has become so popular.