When the desire to rejuvenate the house is felt is hard to resist, as time goes on the floor of the house begins to unforsaken charm that distinguished him initially, for various reasons can appear worn and old, or just not you who choose it and I want to replace. In the following guide we will explain how to tile a floor.

Prior to the installation of the tiles you’ll need to remove the old, being careful to remove all the pieces in relief with the help of the bribe. If you do not have a jackhammer suitable for the removal of the old floor, you can use a hammer and chisel. After this stage, and before you start with the actual installation, I recommend putting your new tiles in water, to reduce their absorbency and allow the adhesive to adhere at best. Before installing, clean and level as possible to the surface. Fasten with nail a strip of wood that passes through the center of the room, with a notched trowel spread the adhesive on the bare floor, with a thickness not less than 6 mm.


Lay the first tile against the board, they should not be perfectly adjacent to each other, but they will have the space for the grout, you can use this space to keep the splinters of wood or plastic shims made ​​specifically to be purchased at any home improvement center. Check with a spirit level that they are all on the same level, otherwise you’ll have to “beat” on the higher ones with the mallet using a piece of wood to cushion the blows. Complete the first half of the room, then remove the strip of wood from the center of it and fill the other half with the same procedure described above. Obviously the edges remain to be completed, let it go 24 hours and cut the tiles to be placed with a tile cutter or cutters.

Allow to dry for another 24 hours and then applied with a rubber spatula to cement mortar, the color that best suits freshly laid tiles. You will need to completely fill the spaces between the tiles. At the points where you will want to waterproof, apply a tile adhesive. With the aid of a rubber hose flexible dates from the mortar in the joints composed a concave shape, will certainly have a better glance and look very professional.