There is a wide variety of tiles for the bathroom, shapes, colors and materials. And ‘possible to find something for every taste and all types. The wide choice can be confusing when you need to choose the suitable tiles for the floors of the house, then it is good to have an idea of what best meets our requirements, to be able to go to buy with awareness. Depending on the intended use of the room where we’re going to fix the floor , we will have different criteria and indications of maxims to follow.

The first step before tackling the purchase is take measurements of the room . Otherwise you risk not being able to answer the question on the amount of tiles we need, once you decide to buy, with the undesirable inconvenient having to go back to the store. We decide that we want the shape of the tiles, the most classic and simple to install are those square-shaped, there are of various sizes. With the smaller tiles will have less waste, for large sizes we having to break more in order to cut out the exact amount to be applied in places where there is no need to go to complete the spaces close to the walls. Unlikely to be able to cover the surface of the floor with an exact number of tiles and those close to the walls will be cut to fit the space.


If you want to choose different shapes than square or rectangular, for example that a hexagon shape, we will have a more complex calculation to find out how many pieces we need and placement will require more attention. The tiles can have a solid color, patterns that do not require special studies in composition or complex patterns that require you to place the tiles in a precise sequence to observe the bigger picture which compose. The more complex the decorations and designs that appear on the tiles and will be more challenging to go and settle on the floor and attention required in the assembly will be greater.

As regards the materials, these will be chosen according to the needs of hardness, impact resistance and scratches, absorption and ease of cleaning for a bathroom we will need to tile the surface smooth and non-porous, which therefore do not tend to absorb water and are easily Always dry waterways for a room where we can have falling objects and the floor is at risk shocks, such as in the kitchen, you should choose a hard material such as brick or even better the porcelain stoneware. These materials are rough and a bit ‘more challenging to clean, but they have a very high impact resistance and are virtually indestructible Finally, always remember to buy some tile more than that necessary calculated during the assembly stage some may break and it is good to have some back-up available.