Inserted between the tiles into the mantle of a pitched roof, the snow barrier elements provide an effective protection against the fall of the accumulated mass.

Here comes the snow

With winter approaching it is good to schedule some interventions of maintenance that help to deal with it right the evils of the season ready to hit our house. In the Italian regions most affected by snowfall , the incidence of pitched roofs on the landscape building is certainly much higher than in the other, where the flat roof terrace is a widespread and often hosts some local technical and service: washing and drying, for example. sizing of the roof structure must take into account the load snow that is estimated by various factors, based on location, altitude above sea level and the shape of the area (sheltered or exposed to the wind) in which the property is located. The upper mantle tiles can then have different aesthetic and technological features, including you need to choose according to the specific performance of which we want to equip our coverage.

Hake snow guards on the tiles

An interesting option for cold climates is represented by the tiles snow guard , innovative product created and distributed by Wierer , South Tyrol brand sold in Italy by Monier. The principle on which the operation of this element of cover is simple and consists in in its traditional profile-wave, a small protuberance able to brake the fall of the snow cover, holding it safely, very compact on the surface of the roof. Thus any dangerous slips and falls from the mass are averted. At the same time, however, it is necessary that it provides an adequate level of security even to the resistance of the roof, which should not damage or deterioration arising from the stationing of snow load.


Geometry of ground and roof snow guards

In this regard it can make some considerations concerning the geometric conformation of the aquifer , a key element in the determination of the importance of the impact of the snow load. The most critical situation is associated with a slope less than 30 ° with respect to the horizontal line d ‘ set, in which case the roof is almost equated with a terrace, on the surface of the snow tends to accumulate on several occasions, supporting the sequence of precipitation. More frequently, however, we are dealing with pitched between 30 ° and 60 ° and it is here that the tiles snow guard have reason to be used. The last case, then, concerns roofs strongly pendants, more than 60 °, where the snow load is neglected because it is not considered possible that the mantle will take root. In a tile Wearer, therefore, the presence of snow guard hake , concrete or aluminum, is always accompanied by a 30 year warranty on the characteristics of resistance to cycle freeze / thaw, the tensile strength in bending and to water penetration qualities that we find, regardless of the color and surface finish.

Dutch tiles snow guards

In the range of products Pica Finally, I note the presence of tile snow guards Dutch high, that section has the nice combination of a flat part and a convex, less arched than the classic Portuguese. ‘s usual lug prevents the fall of the snow mass and fulfills practical functions without losing the aesthetic quality.