Grow your own vegetables, health and wellness for body and mind and the satisfaction of getting their own vegetables.

Many people are opting to grow their own vegetables at home, but of course that depends on the site are available for it.

A new way of connecting with nature

While only have a small balcony or terrace, the satisfaction that comes to see grow in the home products can be found on the market, involves more than just a hobby, gradually becomes a necessity, is a form of contact with the earth and a reunion with a philosophy of life and too far for most people. What happens is that when you are engaged in planting, irrigation, cultivation or harvesting of the garden, is so engrossed in it that it becomes an important part of a reality which carries the practitioner to moments of relaxation so necessary today to continue the routine day to day. Help to “disengage” from the daily chores of society rampant that live in, and provides a feeling of being beneficial to the whole organism.


How and when to start growing

With the progressive increase of this class of users, has created the need to find in the market for farming products suitable to the environment, so too is born little by little other form of business, including tables and irrigation systems effective to make effective use of water. These products, which are specialized and depend on the space available, can help build the garden with practical solutions and not too expensive.

Thereafter, and future meetings will be listing the different options you can find on the market, to launch the project of urban garden. Will also explain what are the best planting dates for each product, when and how to plant, when to transplant or grow light, as well as everything about the culture of each product, and of course, where and how to get schools. Choose from a small garden or a garden depends on each one. The reality is that there is no reason to give up either, as they can easily coexist.

They are two different worlds that they can share space in the same balcony, even in a pot, only it will take some imagination so that it can get, and certainly the results will surprise. Moreover, blogs, forums and websites specializing in how to grow at home can also be helpful mainly in the forums can be found with real professionals of the subject. You should always take into account the space available, and tailor recommendations to growing reality of the garden, the best way to learn is learning, the satisfaction of collecting plants themselves is hard to explain, I encourage you, therefore, they do try!.