The school year is often very chaotic for many of my clients. Here are some tips that I hope will make life easier. Use a family calendar in which all family activities will be listed. It can complement a color code, but this is not mandatory. In this case, we use several highlighters: ex. appointments green, blue extracurricular activities, the activities of adults in pink and yellow family activities. An interesting tool is the agenda family More Time Moms . It has large boxes to record information, fun stickers and a pocket for paperwork.

To establish new routines, make a list of tasks for each child in which you list five things to do for each every morning (making the bed, brushing teeth, brushing hair, putting his plate in the dishwasher, etc.). Pin these lists on the door of the bathroom or on the fridge so that they are visible. Establish rules week: children are informed in advance of schedule computer, TV, hours of studies and waking hours and sleep. When they are old enough, we discuss before school so that everyone is in agreement. Reorganize your foyer to make it more efficient: Install hooks up to the children for coats and bags school. Choose a location dedicated to shoes and sitting adult (there includes keys, cell phone and charger, mail).


Place a basket for the return of books, DVDs, video games: assailant in one place for the group, you will not go to the toilet more misplaced items. Create a station homework: find the place where the strategic children will move, store and prepare all necessary effects in a drawer or cabinet nearby. Allow enough material to not have to run to the store on a weeknight. This place should be a place to do homework and study where your child will not be distracted. And be present. Children need help, especially in primary school.

Have realistic targets and consider the abilities and efforts of your children. Unrealistic expectations impose significant stress in children. Create a management center paperwork children (incoming / outgoing) is a large ring binder or accordion industry. It provides sections for each paper type: schedule, permission to exit tickets for lunches, put notes, etc. Place near the door, a basket, “I must not forget” where you drop things with which you have to leave the next day. Prepare as much as possible the evening set the table for breakfast, preparing lunches, set the coffee machine, take the children’s clothes, school bags, your clothing.

Small suggestion: Organize a breakfast area for children, a tablet available in the pantry on which you place cereal, peanut butter, bread. in short, everything to make small autonomous. Create a schedule for laundry and advise on the whole family. Each member will be responsible for filing the clothes washing in the basket before. Mark your calendars for family days where you need specific clothing (judo, ballet, physical education, etc.). Have separate sports bags for each extracurricular activity, ideally in different colors for easy identification. the Cook meal recipe to make two portions frozen (clearly identified) that you leave at night or need the schedule is tighter.