Of the seat is comfortable

That seat is comfortable depends on the type of filler , the strength and design of the chair. Some people prefer a good backup to keep your back and neck straight , others want the seat is high and firm. But as a rule, the seat of the chair should be neither too soft nor too hard. It all depends on the quality of the filling of the cushions.

The filling

* High-resistance foam material is considered to be more convenient due to their elasticity . It also has the advantage of being of great length.
* The Bullet is lightweight and durable .
* plum on semi-Down and offer a real sense of softness .
* The vegetable hair, long fibers from the dwarf palms , also used to fill the armrests, headrest and low chair .

The sheath

Leather, cotton, synthetic lots to choose from. But while the side aesthetic is important, we must not lose sight of the practical. A sleeve too fragile hold probably not prolonged and repeated breaks. The full-grain leather is by far, if you take good care, the case stronger. Cotton is inexpensive and not attract dust , however, rapidly becomes dirty. Use a treatment stain or put him a sheet to protect it. Synthetics are-some years a great success and with reason. They are more resistant than cotton, both spots as wear and often also more gentle . Touching the skin of Antarctica , for example, is like touching the skin of a peach .


Take into account the dimensions

Watch out for the dimensions. The chair can not occupy the entire space. Keep in mind that the site is in the room, which will occupy the chair, both width and length.

What types of chairs on the market?

The Louis XV chair is wide, padded on the back and two small padded armrests and a cushion. This type of chair appeared in 1720 and has been evolving its forms and reduce its size throughout the nineteenth century. The Voltaire is a nursing chair. Their support is wide, and the armrests and seat are filled , which gives great comfort. This chair is typical of the time of Louis Philippe. The Chauffeur Grete Talk the Steppes Poul made ​​with Japanese influences in 1963. It is a wide chair, quite low and without armrests. It has the advantage of combining with all the style and blend easily into all spaces. The chair Club, owned by the Art Deco era, is a chair wide , comfortable and lines simple and refined .

Decorating tips for professionals

How to choose the chair depends on the decor of the room. It is, above all, to create some consistency.You respect the general atmosphere of the room opting for a chair whose shape, style and color combine perfectly with the decor, but also with the sofa. For example: if the sofa is smooth and dark, but no color in the room, do not hesitate to choose the dominant color for the couch because glad the set. The chair is not only functional, but can become a real decoration. If the sofa is smooth , you can opt for a chair stamped with the same tones as the sofa, but different matter . Conversely, you can also break the linearity and override the styles and forms. If your living room is modern armchair decanted old , to Louis XV or even a swing . If pizzas Louis XV sofa or Marquis, do it with a cloth contemporary , colorful or graphic to avoid creating a too cold environment .