People always talk about trends in fashion, the shoes, the makeup, but the trends in design are also important: they help us in our home decor and give us ideas for our apartments or houses look the way seek. Do you live in a house with little space? In this article, I suggest some tips for decorating small spaces expand you will be very helpful. More and more floors one and two very small rooms, to suit the needs of single people or couples without children. But what if the floor is very small and gives us a feeling of being locked up that eventually we can not stand? Nothing, we just redecorate with some practical advice.

Natural light soft colors

On one hand, if we have a small apartment is important that we take all the natural light that we have. To do this, it is essential that we paint all the walls in light shades, like a vanilla yellow, a rose or a lilac. Any color is good if it is soft, pastel shade, although timely yellow is best placed to make the floor look brighter. Meanwhile, a color like blue-tone despite having his cake-not make the department look bigger, so it can be used in a room, but not in the dining room. On the other hand, if we give the impression of more space in our small apartment, it will be important that curtains and other decor items are also in white or light pastel tones.


Minimalist Furniture

Furniture should answer the minimalist , functional but small, so we can have more room to move in the environment. A single bar or three-cheater sofa will be ideal for a small space. Instead of having a television cabinet, could be hung on a wall. It is recommended that a small house or small apartment with few furnishings, so instead of a large piece of furniture or more kids furniture, the better we use the hanging wall cabinets or shelves. This will give us space to put our ornaments, without taking off the room space.


As for the details of decoration , one of the pieces that we can give an illusion of more space in our rooms are tall vases. They also serve warm color paintings. Hope you have served these decorating tips ! Do you know any other strategy to take advantage of small spaces ?