Have a nice garden, everyone in a dream but it can be expensive: seeds, plants, shrubs. Here are some tips and tricks to save money.

The crisis forced to tighten all budgets, including the garden. However, a flower garden is a source of good humor. What to do? Sacrifice this pleasure? No, it is possible to garden without breaking the bank.

Choose to plant flowers rather than plants

We often tend to forget them, preferring the beautiful potted garden centers, often doped with fertilizers and wither at the slightest neglect of watering. The seeds for sowing, are they very durable and above all cheap: it takes between 2 and 6 euros for a packet of seeds that can cover an area of ​​2 to 3 m2. It can also be sown by mixing and create a pretty flower meadow.


A few tips:

For the flowers are well distributed and not too tight: mix the seeds with dry sand when you sow.
To spread bloom from July to September: Plant in two or three times each by spacing seedlings 2 to 3 weeks from April to May. Finally, for those who do not have a green thumb, there are bags of flowery meadow ready and even tablecloths seed that there is more to place on the ground.

Think perennials

Often, annuals are the perennial favorite, and yet they have an undeniable advantage: they are generally very hardy, and even if they are to buy more expensive (between 2 and 6 euros in pots up to 12 cm; 15 euros in pot 3 to 5 liters), they “had” for many years. Furthermore, by planting them early enough, the result, a few months later, will be equivalent. This “investment” is made for several years. There are a wide variety of perennials , and some are literally indestructible. However, it should be well informed when purchasing on their preferences in terms of exposure, soil or climate to choose wisely, their location and thus be certain that their planting will be successful.

Try bartering plants

Even in gardening, the principle of yard sales and other exchange markets develop. Upon the arrival of spring, we see “bloom” of barter that allow gardeners to sell or exchange plants, seeds. You just have to be a bargaining chip by collecting plants in the garden, dividing perennials and then exchange them for other varieties and thus obtain new species for a small fee (often a right place a few euros). It also allows fans to get together and exchange tips and tricks. department by department, a timetable for the various scholarships Plant Exchange held across France. So there are several solutions to garden without spending much. It is also possible to still save some money by collecting rainwater and making one’s own compost.