Visit a showroom kitchens or simply browse through the catalog of a producer, paper or digital, is to be conquered by captivating images: beautiful kitchens or ultramodern style with a full set of appliances, islands and peninsulas, cabinets, beds, containers of any gender or shelves to store tools, advanced materials and sinks and perfectly in order and clean. reality of every day, unfortunately is quite different. Unless the kitchen is not used and rarely is there only to make her look good (and believe me, there are situations like that), is the environment in which you spend most of the time at home, and, for the type of functions that take place in it, where one becomes more difficult to keep clean and tidy. ‘s not forget that not always the kitchens are large, so that, at the time of purchase must try to choose the most suitable model its space and needs of use, without being fascinated by the beautiful images seen on the magazines .

Materials for the kitchen

The materials that can be used for making furniture, worktops, finishes the kitchen are numerous, but there is the perfect one. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses, and you can own mind, looking at the large exhibition that you can find on our site. Quite often, apart from personal preference or special needs, the choice is made ​​based on parameters purely economic. Indeed, there are very high-quality materials, with prices accordingly very high. Not always, however, a material with lower cost is an indication of poor quality. For example, the laminate is often overlooked, while there are very beauty and have a fairly low price. A nice solid laminate could be an alternative solution for the work.


Kitchen furniture

The storage space, a kitchen if you use really, it’s never enough, so it is best not to reduce the use of base and wall units . The latter, in particular, unless you have a large pantry, are preferable to simple shelves at the sides of the hood, which can be aesthetically pleasing, but reduce the space where to store things. Other space absolutely indispensable in order to work as it should is the work plan , especially if you do not have a table nearby. If it has then, a small kitchen, it is good to remember to leave sufficient space on the floor, avoiding, for example, to choose a hob on the size exceed the standard 60 cm. Among the utility of modern kitchens, widespread is the column larder pull-out : to avoid are those with perforated steel wire baskets . In fact they are little solid and the stuff tends to slip between the steel wires. Better to choose, then with shelves and side panels of wood or any solid material, is of a type that is not removable. Recently, there have become widespread also the sink bins for separate collection . Although the goal is commendable, but this means having to share the garbage in at least four containers, each tiny size. If possible, therefore, it is advisable to allocate this space to the dustbin of wet and cram paper, glass, aluminum and other materials in other areas of the house or outside. Regarding islands and peninsulas are undoubtedly many beautiful, but do not forget you need adequate space to fit in a kitchen. In contrast, you lose all the positive effect of their presence.

Appliances and equipment

And ‘advisable to avoid placing the sink in the corner , because not a position certainly more convenient to work. If it is not mounted in a workmanlike, moreover, it is easy that there may be the infiltration of water in the working plane . hob and sink should never be placed, throughout the kitchen, right next to the wall or a column. If the hob, in fact, it is important to be able to move easily handles of pots and pans and in the case of the sink, able to move easily. Ideally, then, would be to have a plan of at least 60 cm between the stove and sink, and these were placed on the same side of the kitchen and not in two separate blocks. sink and hob filo top tend to attract more dirt, to which must be sealed with silicone, but it is not always possible to use it. It can therefore be preferable to the installation semi filo, Under mount or to flush . The induction cook tops have many advantages, in addition to being stylistically rather elegant. However, in case if it chooses to use, it should be considered that they require a greater energy consumption and which can create problems when using simultaneously other appliances. From the ergonomic point of view the appliances in the column are very practical and functional, so that the ovens of this type are now the most common ones. Very useful is also the location of the column in the dishwasher. It should however always positioned immediately next to the sink, for the appropriate connection to the water system. Possibly you can choose to have it put on the right or the left of this, depending on whether it is left or right handed, for greater convenience of use.

For the kitchen

The stools are an aesthetically pleasing solution, but I’ve never particularly comfortable, so it is better not to include them as unique seating solution and predict the presence are as a child, for quick snacks or breakfast, in accompaniment with a regular table and chairs . Among the accessories for the kitchen are particularly beautiful and cutlery racks in wood . They require, however, that dishes and cutlery are always perfectly dried before they are stored, otherwise it will tend to deteriorate.