Space is a precious commodity. So much that we all want a little more in our houses. However, sometimes we do not know how to take care of it as it deserves, and we waste it with some wrong practices. Today we are going to propose the opposite to learn some tricks to get a room more visually. With these recommendations, your house will look a lot bigger.

get a larger room

You may be one of those privileged people who live in large, spacious houses, where they have no space problems. However, most of us live in normal and even small houses. We all come to wonder a few more square meters. We know how valuable space is and yet we usually waste it on many more occasions than we believe. That is why today we decided to review some practical and effective tricks, to achieve a larger space in a visual way. In this way, we will achieve a larger room, however small.

A mirror for a larger room

Here is the first trick we want to tell you about to make any room look more spacious than it really is. It is about placing a large mirror on the wall. This simple trick cans visually double the space by reflecting the light of the room. In addition, as there are decorative mirrors of all styles you can think of, you will not have trouble finding one you really like.

If your room is small but well oriented and has enough natural light, the space problem is not so serious. Nevertheless, the important thing is to enhance natural light in all possible ways. You might also be interested in ideas to achieve a serene and balanced atmosphere at home. Do not buy thick drapes that cover the windows. With light white curtains will suffice to hide the interior.

Clear center

Before starting to furnish any space, especially if it is not too spacious, plan well where you are going to place the furniture. A good idea to get a larger room is to stick the bulky pieces against the walls in the living room would be the sofa, the dresser, the bookcase, etc. This will free the center of the room and you can move more freely. In addition, that has not to say that the light can circulate without obstacles that prevent its passage.

End the mess that steals you meters

Any room, whether large or small, that is cluttered will look much smaller than it actually is. Not being able to keep our house picked up can make a living room look half as big as it is. Are you going to let the mess and chaos settle in your house and rob you of space with impunity? With the clutter, too many focal points in the room attract our attention. There is less physical space to move around the room. The result: space diminishes, or it seems. The solution is to order and maintain order.

If you are one of those who like to read and you have many books at home, this advice to get a larger room you will love. It is about installing bookstores from floor to ceiling. Not only will you be able to place all your books in perfect order, but also you will add height to the walls. Lower libraries cut the proportion and make the walls look lower. Just the opposite of what they get the high bookstores that reach the ceiling. It is a good idea to expand the space.

Bet on soft colors and pale tones

You may love intense colors, even garish colors, to decorate a space. Well, if you have a small house, you had better forget about decorating with them. They make a room look smaller and lighter than it is. Unlike soft colors and pale tones, they will make it look like you have a larger room. With the theme of the designs and prints happens the same as with the colors? The variegated designs and the very convoluted prints make the spaces seem much smaller than they are.