The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. Create a comfortable and relaxing environment is not difficult, the possibility of bathroom furniture are endless. Big or small, you have the right to imagine and design a site that is in line with your tastes: classic or modern, the elegant design or simply essential, you can unleash your imagination and why not have fun as architects ! I will try to give you some tips on outlining the styles most “popular” but also describing the way in which stem some difficulty , to avoid “mistakes” on which have to be provided in future.

Are you going to choose one modern and essential? The decor of your bathroom will in this case of simple lines and stylized, without sacrificing the minimalism. The mirror, perhaps the most important element of the room and certainly the most functional, it will be great and will give brightness and spaciousness. It ‘better to cash it to the wall so obvious boundaries and follow the simple and essential that you have in mind. Even the bathroom and furniture must be attached to the walls , suspended, the absence of obstacles between the floor and the decorative or functional elements of the bathroom, are a peculiarity of modern design . Even the tub, to stay in line with the style you choose, it will be raised by way of feet, but you decide for a shower if possible, more functional and practical. Choose it in crystal and use a minimalist interior decoration, mosaic or bricks. A sharp contrast of colors is at the base of the modern style, especially due to the color contrast white / black or white / wedge.


If you prefer a country style or Provencal deterred bathroom with shades pastel painting it ivory or cream, for example. You will have to prefer the wood, especially with regard to the furniture, but also the ceramic colors and opaque white spot on: these characteristics, together with the decoration with floral motifs, contribute to the creation of this style, comfortable and cozy. The classic design has elements in common with the country style and Provencal, is characterized by solid wood, ceramics and wrought iron. The forms, however, are rounded and made ​​more soft, traditional.