Do you want to learn how to save energy in the kitchen? You have five forms to do it simple and very effective. Put them into practice and get significantly reduce the electricity bill. At the time that we have had to live saving is very important. Not only has to do with our own resources we have to live each of us. It has to do with the future of the planet with the lives of our descendants and a way of being and feeling struggling to get away from concepts such as waste and uncontrolled spending.


This philosophy of life that we all try to internalize is reflected in almost every aspect of life. Today we tell you how you can save energy in the kitchen. The kitchen is one of the spaces of the house in which more time we spend. Here are five tips for saving energy in the kitchen that are going to seem bare bones.

The appliances we use every day in the kitchen are responsible for a large part of household energy expenditure, after heating which is what takes the cake. Oven, refrigerator, washer are devices we use every day without being aware of what they consume in energy. However, there are ways to make that energy expenditure is less. To start always choose energy efficient appliances. To know how much consume an appliance must look at the energy label all carry. In a letter to the appliance it concerned defining their energy efficiency is assigned.

The scale is from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient). However, one must take into account other circumstances such as the current scale of each appliance. For example, in coition refrigerators washing machines and dishwashers only can already marketed in close A. Therefore, to choose an efficient device we choose those who are A +++. Then they would category A ++ and A + all more efficient than the A. Remember this information when you need to change appliances and note that choose models A +++ you can save energy of no less than 60%.

Simple changes in usage habits of some appliances can contribute significantly to save energy in the kitchen. This is the case of the washer, which should always put full load, or the dishwasher. But the refrigerator because if we avoid certain things get to consume less. To begin with we must be careful when opening the refrigerator door, not to do too often if necessary and to avoid leaving it opens. Most new models incorporate an audible alarm to warn that the door is open and you have to close it. Avoiding staying open can save up to 5% energy. What do you think?

Monitors spending

Keep a vigilant attitude towards overall energy consumption of our house, will we manage to reduce the electricity bill. It is not obsessing about the subject, but attempting to launch these tips to save energy in the kitchen for example. You can use different systems to verify that you are doing well, as consumption meters. They let you know the power consumption of appliances and eliminate unnecessary expenses.