Maintaining a hardwood floor is not so difficult. It’s easier than carpet cleaning. Most people appreciate wooden floors because they are easy to clean and there is no leftover dirt buildup. The cost of installing a wooden floor is worth every penny you spend because of its easy maintenance and durability.

Say you have just finished installing a new wooden floor and your home looks new. Why do you like it? It is because of its shine and its new appearance, and you want to keep it looking like it did the first day it was installed. With a little bit of care and maintenance, your hardwood floor will look beautiful for years.


Solid hardwood floors repay a little care with a lifetime of value. When you first glimpse a solid hardwood floor, you sense richness, warmth and natural beauty. Gradually, you get to know its distinct personality and visual harmonies, the traces of history in the forest and in your home.

There are several ways to clean hardwood floors, but you need to be careful about how you clean them. Here are some ideas for cleaning and maintaining wooden floors:

  • Avoiding using regular dusting and cleaning products that can permanently damage the wood. There are products specially designed for cleaning hardwood floors that you should use instead. These products will help maintain the best quality and look of your wooden floor.
  • Using water alone to mop hardwood floors can cause damage. It is best to use a damp cloth to wipe up spills and never use water directly. Both of them can cloud your floor’s finish. Wipe them up immediately with a damp cloth. For a more thorough cleanup, spray with non-ammonia window cleaner.
  • When you decide to clean the wooden floor, you need to plan which side of the room to start the cleaning. Don’t drag the furniture around when cleaning the wooden floor because it may cause damage.
  • Using a vacuum is more preferable than sweeping because it pulls the dirt and dust from between the boards. Use a vacuum with a bare floor attachment instead of the vacuum beater bar which can damage the wood.A good vacuuming protects the finish as well as keeps up its appearance. Use an attachment with a brush or a felt surface that runs along the floor. Attachments with rotating brushes or a beater bar can scratch the finish. Disengage the beater bar on an upright. If you don’t feel like hauling out the vacuum, a dust mop or one of the newer microfiber sweepers (such as Swiffer) will work just as well.
  • If something spills on the floor, always clean it up immediately with a paper towel or dry cloth. Use a damp cloth for sticky spills and dry the spot immediately afterwards.

There are other things you can do as well to maintain your floors, such as taking your shoes off when you walk in the door. Also, when you want to clean the floor, you need to limit the amount of wet cleaning. However, when wet cleaning is necessary, the worst thing you can do is let water puddle on the floor.

To clean traffic areas or brighten dull areas, use a product specifically formulated for surface-treated wood floors. Simply spray a small 3-foot by 3-foot area with the cleaner and go over it with the microfiber mop to pick up the dissolved dirt. Work your way around the floor, cleaning one area at a time.

Feel free to use these methods as a cleaning guide so that your hardwood floors will stay like new for years to come. Moreover, make sure you DO clean the floor.Perspiration, or sweat, and body oils are high in protein and salt which will build up over time. Solvent-based cleaners and too little water will not break down the residue which can lead to a dull, slippery floor.

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