Clean the glass of the House is much difficult than you think. In addition to the fix, this operation takes a long time, everything depends on the glasses accumulates all kinds of dirt, dust and rainwater. The cleaning time you’d take also depends on the size of our Windows and the amount of dirt on them. With the following tips and some little trick glass cleaning of home will be easy and you will have good results.

First to start cleaning you must identify and assess the dirt on the glass so you can decide if you need to do any preparation of the glass before cleaning. Other than that it is important to choose the type of product to be used even though we know that in the various shops and supermarkets there is plenty to choose from that will help us simplify our cleaning.If you want to instead use the savings you can alternatively use natural ingredients (water, vinegar or baking soda). Once you have chosen the product you choose the tool to use. the most used is the newsprint that leaves the glass surface without halos.


To start the preparation of the glass we use a cloth or a cloth and then wipe with warm water at the surface with movements starting from the Center horizontally until you reach the bottom, so surely There are good results. When it comes to excessive dirt can replace the warm water with dish washing detergent but do not overdo it with the quantity. After the preparation of the glass you can move on to cleaning with detergent; as mentioned previously, you can use a homemade product (water and vinegar) and after having passed the glass must be removed with a cloth or newsprint.

Between all surfaces that are there in the House there is the box of shower you have to spray the detergent on it and allow it to act for a few minutes and then remove it with a damp cloth. There are also glass with smooth surfaces and for this you must use a brush soaked with water and vinegar or lemon juice and water. Water and vinegar have an anti-scale effect and ensure a good dirt removal; Alternatively you can also use the ammonia scented that even better if it is very effective .