Working at home has its pros and cons and organize the work space is a priority because not talking about extra tasks we bring home from the office, but to have a home office that works as a true professional space to develop our business daily . For lighting the home office must have an overall ceiling light (warm and low consumption) and a table or desk light more focused on the work area.

Choosing the best chair for the home office, and ergonomic comfortable (90 ° position to help our back) and we will use it several hours each day. That is fully adjustable, it can be raised, lowered, rotated and rest. The work table of a home office should be sized according to the dimensions of the room and of course you’ll use. A minimum size can be 1 × 0.60 m. For the walls is better to opt for warm colors that saturate your view or you soon get tired and want change. You can highlight a wall with a different color of paint or upholster with wallpaper.

If you think it necessary, you can use a wall like slate (are special paints for this use) where you can hang things that are important to your work. If the dimensions of the space you can create a reading area, do it. Place a floor lamp and a comfortable chair to relax and inspire you with new ideas.


The home office should be able to transform itself into a space that inspires us and gives us more willing to sit down to work. For that, as we saw, all aspects and details have to organize a home office: the space, the furniture, the chair, the lighting and the color of the walls, etc.

As for the organization and have to be kept in mind that should help you find the material you need quickly. So, in a home office to go without hanging file drawers for the lower and higher shelves liberators use for. If the shelves have doors, you can drop the titles to view or use sliding panels if you have a fairly limited space. A perfect material for home office furniture is metal and very easy to clean and long lasting clean while also adding a modern touch to the decor.

Your home office must be transformed into a space that gives you really want to sit down to work and not feel like you’re obligated to do so (although that too is reality not). So, never forget to keep the home office tidy and above all the working table is very important to add to that urge. Here enters the subject of the cables. Never leave them on the table, even if you can not be better than sight. There are models of furniture and tables for PC designed to hide cables, but you can solve it with a chute hidden in the bottom of the board or panel on the desktop background that can be accessed by a small door.