According to what the information center for the prevention of fires (CIPI) in Switzerland each year there are approximately 20,000 burning of houses and apartments. The material damage amounted to more than 120 million Swiss francs. Inattention and misconduct are often the most frequent causes.

How to avoid the dangers

* Tell your children about the dangers that exist when handling the fire. Keep all lighters and matches out of reach of children.
* When you have a barbecue, petrol and alcohol may ignite causing fire when in contact with burning coal. Lighters can be found at specialty stores are the right tools to start a fire. In the case of gas grills regularly check the gas pipes, for example passing it with soapy water. The appearance of bubbles detects leaking points. Always place the pan outdoors in a safe place. Do not leave them unattended ever.
* Store gas cylinders outside! The safety instructions for proper use can be found on the gas cylinder.
* Never place flammable materials on the hob or in its immediate vicinity and turn off the stove immediately and Call us.


* The most household appliances develops heat and is therefore at risk of fire. After using the device, unplug it and not leave them in standby mode.
* Make repair defective cords and plugs from a technical, do not exclude the ever defective circuit breakers without the help of an expert.
* Never leave candles unattended and before going to sleep make sure they are all gone.
* After having used tobacco, turn off the power completely. Cigarette butts and ashes in the ashtray go, not in the rubbish bag! Thrown into the waste bag only tobacco completely incinerated or very wet. Do not smoke in bed.
* When using flammable liquids (solvents, paints, spray glue), please make sure of the presence of adequate ventilation. Do not spray on a naked flame or throw aerosol cans into the fire. Do not top up with alcohol camping stove the fondue hot.